Hey y’all! I’m Kourtni and this is my better half Cody with our sweet girl Liv. We’re a family of 3 and have 2 pups, Stella and Lou, that tag along everywhere with us! We haven’t always been about that DIY life but we have always been searching for cheaper alternatives. As newlyweds we spent weekend in North Carolina thrifting to fill our first home together. While I was searching for a job I decided to take up my first woodworking project. I have always had a creative itch (hence DIYing our entire wedding) and wanted something more. I built my first wonky and crazy crooked flower box and I was hooked. I started to dabble in flipping and refinishing furniture along the way too.

I always knew in the back of my mind that I wanted a bigger way to express my creativity. With every project I did I always took progress photos as if I always knew I wanted to create a blog – that was in 2015. The military moved us to Tennessee and I knew we wouldn’t be renting and we were looking for a home that had good bones to make it our home. We purchased our first home north of Nashville and I decided that I would blog about the process of turning our house into a home. One thing led to another and here I am with a bigger tool collection then most people I know empowering women to try something new and accomplish their first DIY project – and maybe pick up a power tool or knock down a wall along the way. We have been renovating and remodeling our home ourselves with a bit of help along the way.

I’m so happy you’re here and joining this amazing community! If you want to know more, just shoot me an email. I’d love to chat!


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