Christmas takes a lot of planning so we’ve got you covered and have scoured the internet to round-up our favorite picks for everyone this holiday season! We absolutely love Thanksgiving and have not forgotten about it…hence our “Thanksgiving Tree.” We will also be sharing Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals on all the items on our gift ideas lists.

Our gift giving tradition follows The 4 Gift Rule each holiday season: “Want, Need, Wear, Read”… It means we gift our kids and each-other something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. This really helps tame the clutter that comes with holiday gifts. We also do an Advent Calendar that’s filled with activities around our town and crafty things to do. 

Want to make your own DIY Advent Calendar for under $28? We have a step-by-step tutorial here, Make Your Own DIY Advent Calendar.

The Complete 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Ideas for the DIYer, home improvement lover and the ones that just want to build something!

Our favorite gift guide to start the year is for your favorite DIYer! We know finding gift ideas for someone who likes power tools can get a little pricey and sometimes they may just have everything they need. We’ve rounded up our favorites for all budgets and personally own all of these items in our DIYer gift guide this year and can’t recommend them enough. You can find the gist guide here!

Gift Ideas for Her, for the cozy loving mom, and sad beige loving gal


We’ve rounded up some of our favorite items for her, for the cozy loving mom and sad beige-loving gal. Yes, I love neutral colors and will shout it from the rooftops because they are cozy. Send these to your spouse, partner, or other mom friends, and lets get you something you actually want for the holidays this year!

I’ve carefully selected each and every item in this gift guide to reflect the items that I have and love! You can find the gift guide here!

Gift Ideas for Him, for the Golfer, minimal man, the one that buys himself everything


The holidays are right around the corner and one of our favorite things to do is let Cody take the reins and put together his own gift guide full of things a guy, fellow dad, and golf lover would love to be gifted for the holidays.

Cody is the kinda guy that loves a good game of pickleball and playing golf no matter the weather. He’s a stickler for a good fit and when he finds what he likes, he’ll buy the whole colorway – seriously. He loves quality but will hold out for a good deal and will read reviews for things up to a year before buying anything.

All this to say, you’re in good hands this holiday season friends. You can see Cody’s picks here and some of last year’s gift guides for more inspiration. You can find this years gift guide here!

Gift Ideas for the Little Kids Ages 0-4

Buying holiday gifts for little kids can be daunting, especially if you’re a gift giver. Most of the time it’s things we need as parents for our kids so it can be a little tough! Our kids are in a wide range from ages 1, 4, and 6.  We’ve rounded up items we use and love including things on our wish list for the little kids. You can find the gift guide here!

Gift Ideas for the Big Kids Ages 4-5

Our kids are still pretty young, but our biggest kid is 6 years old! Holy cow, still feels unreal sometimes. I had Liv help me with this gift guide, but rest assured she thinks she’s getting all of these gifts for Christmas now.

These gift ideas are for “big kids” ages 4 – 8 years of age. Cash just turned 4 and likes a few of these items and Liv actively plays or likes these types of toys. We love interactive toys, creative things, and ways to get them outside to enjoy! You can find the gift guide here!

Gift Ideas for the Grandparents & In-Laws

When I think of grandparent’s we’re talking my kids grandparents and my Nana – we’re talking about both! For in-laws this goes for the ones of all stages in life and grandparents or not! 

Gift Ideas for the Home Cook, Entertainer, the “everybody come over to my house” person

I’m not sure if entertaining and design have any correlation but I love love love entertaining and styling a tablescape. I love aesthetic everyday items that just bring me joy. I’m not a a big cook, but cooking with items that a beautiful and made well just SPARK JOY!

Gift Ideas for the Home lover, homebody, the laid-back collected type

We’re sharing gift ideas for the home lover, homebody, and the laid-back collected type.  I love creating an inviting and collected home and also gifting things that make me enjoy “the homebody life.” We’ve rounded up some of our tried and true favorites and also some items currently on my wishlist. You can find the gift guide here!

Gift Ideas for Stocking Stuffers for All Ages


Stocking stuffers have been my jam since Liv was born. We love gifting items that people use and need. Stocking stuffers are where the essentials are being gifted people! We aren’t giving out glitter Smuckers chapstick or bath bombs from the dollar section that’s filled with who knows what.

Gift Ideas Under $50 that Don’t Suck

When the holiday budget is set for gift giving you want to make sure you’re getting everyone what they want “within budget” and we’re sharing our gift ideas for under $50 that don’t suck! 

Gift Ideas Under $25 that aren’t Complete Trash

The hardest thing with staying within a budget is that a lot of people think you can’t find quality pieces for the price. Well, I’m here to prove those people wrong and share gift ideas under $25 that aren’t complete trash.

Merry Christmas Friends and happy holiday shopping! As always we’ll be sharing these picks in person in stories on Instagram throughout the holiday season.