The time has come y’all. It’s time say goodbye to my baby girls sweet nursery and turn her bedroom into a big girl toddler bedroom! You’re going to be a little surprised at the direction we’re going, but we are so excited for Liv’s Modern Vintage Toddler Bedroom Design.

I gave so much thought to this room, her toddler bedroom design will be an extension of our home. What’s that? Well, it’ll mirror similar color and design aesthetic to the other rooms in our house. 

Liv’s Modern Vintage Toddler Bedroom Design

Liv will always have a say about her bedroom, but a 2 year olds interest seem to change each week and painting the walls her favorite color that week is just too much for this momma. But hey, when the day comes where she wants a pink wall for more than one week – she will get her pink wall!

We are going for a earthy tone bedroom with some vintage pieces we’ve had since we got married. I can’t wait to share those pieces with you! Be sure to follow along in stories for all the behind the scenes.

The Before

Liv’s Nursery has some great neutral and warm tones with hints of blush after we found out we were having a girl. It makes me a little sad that we’re upgrading her room to a big girl bedroom, but I know she’ll be able to grow into these pieces year after year. Can you picture all of the new pieces in her room? I can already see it now!

Be sure to follow along in stories over on instagram if you want to see all the behind the scenes!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything building wise or product questions! I’m an open book 🙂

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