Dresser Options

We’ve been looking for a dresser for our master bedroom makeover and I’ve now come to the conclusion that everything is either cheap or in the $1K-$2K range. There doesn’t seem to be a sweet spot when it comes to finding a dresser. Reasons why I DIY’d the IKEA dresser for Cash’s Nursery, but on the other hand I bought a $1K dresser for Liv’s Nursery.

I’ve found some beautiful dressers that I’m sharing with y’all that are contenders for the look I’m going for. Still trying to decide if I’ll splurge, hack, or build one!

  1. Huxton Dresser – I think I’m on a white oak kick lately and this is definitely a contender for a DIY if I decide to go that route.
  2. Montego 8-dresser Drawer – a traditional look that can go many different ways depending on how you style it
  3. Siegal 6-drawer Dresser – This is a great lower price point option for a high end look, but it’s not solid wood and I’m usually a fan of MDF furniture.
  4. Zeus 6-drawer Dresser – I love this one with a possible hack of raising it up with some modern legs.
  5. Rosamonde 7-drawer Dresser – a BIG favorite of mine, but we already have black nightstands so this might be too much for the space.
  6. I think simple will be my go to for our dresser, maybe something like the Jason 8-drawer dresser.
  7. This Marte Storage Cabinet is sparking some serious ideas for a new take on a dresser.
  8. Amelia 6-drawer Dresser – this is great inspiration for an IKEA Tara hack using a white wash stain and some modern legs.
  9. Large Acorn Wood Brewton Dresser – This is a great modern piece, but might be a bit on the orange side for our bedroom.
  10. Mason 6-drawer double dresser – is a classic walnut piece with built in pulls on the drawers for a more sleek look.
  11. Keane Driftwood 6-drawer Dresser is solid wood and beautifully made. We actually almost got this one in the nightstand version. I think I’m leaning more towards a one handle drawer.
  12. The Quinn Wood 6-drawer Dresser is beautiful, I only wish it was wood all the way around and not two toned with paint.
  13. Collette Dresser – I love this option, but it would be top of the line for budget.
  14. Stockholm Sideboard Walnut Veneer – I’ve even thought about using a sideboard which is typically used in a dining room or kitchen. This one has a small drawer at the top and I’ve thought about adding additional drawers underneath it.
  15. Oak may be the way to go, love the color of this Culla Oak 6 drawer Double Dresser.
  16. Halbert 9-drawer Dresser – I’ve been thinking about having more drawers in the dresser since we’re going to use it for intimates and out of season clothing. The is such a beautiful piece!

Favorite at Home DIY Projects

We’ve done a lot of DIY projects since we’ve been home with supplies we’ve had on hand or scooped up from curbside pick up at Home Depot. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to and sharing our favorite at Home DIY Projects we’ve done so far.

  1. Easy DIY Side Table for $35
  2. DIY Concrete Lamp (Tutorial Coming Soon)
  3. How to Paint Wooden Furniture (No Sanding Required)

  4. DIY Wooden Hooks (Tutorial Coming Soon)

5. Updating the Carolina Room

6. Tips on Hanging Curtains and How the color effects the whole room

Crisp White Curtains

Sandy Beige Curtains

Charcoal Curtains

Ivory Curtains

My Go-To Plants

So many plant lovers out there that I didn’t even know about! Y’all came out of the woodworks the other day and I am so here for it. So let’s chat about my go-to plants we’ve got that have been really great in our house.

  1. Scindapsus Pictus ‘Silver Pothos’ or “Silvery Anne
  2. Prayer Plant (Maranta)
  3. Burgundy Rubber Fig ‘Rubber Tree’
  4. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
  5. Pearls of Jade Pothos
  6. Neon Pothos
  7. Golden Pothos
  8. Manjula Pothos
  9. Marble Queen Pothos
  10. Jade Pothos
  11. Zamiocculcas ‘ZZ Plant’

Garage Makeover Update

Garage Makeover Update…just in case y’all forgot about it. It’s still happening, but turns out it’s hot as Hades outside and getting anything done ends up turning me into a puddle of sweat or lunch for the mosquitos. It feels good to look like I rolled around in a field and got attacked by chiggers. All you southerners can relate right now.

This might have to be a huge update post, there’s a lot more to update y’all on that exceeds my current expectations for Friday Five, hah!


Happy Friday friends! XO