Next House Must Haves

What we’re looking for in our next house is definitely something that has, “good bones and character.” We already know we plan to renovate and remodel the next house because that’s something that we love to do and it just so happens to be my job. Finding a house with good bones and character will help with the remodeling phase so there isn’t A TON of money dumped into fixing the layout of the home. We all know when you start knocking down all the walls and moving waterlines that when it starts to get expensive. 

Let’s answer all the Why, When, Where and How?

Lot’s of questions on how we are going to sell our house: Furnished, privately, can we send you the listing, when are you moving, etc.

Why: We are PCSing! If you missed our moving announcement it going a little more in depth on why we are moving.

When: We will be moving in the next couple months, this summer believe it or not.

Where: We won’t be sharing the location yet since there are so many moving parts behind the scenes that we just aren’t able to share yet. We’d like to find a new home before we share the location. However, we are moving out of Tennessee!

How: We would love to sell our home furnished partially furnished since we are DOWNSIZING. Yes, we’re looking at moving into a smaller house and a lot of the furniture we have in our current home was purchased for this home. We are not selling our home privately and will be going with a wonderful realtor our good friend recommended to us. However, at this time we will not be sharing more info on listing process until we get to that point.


My Hair Secrets Revealed

I’m sure you’ve noticed my hair lately because that’s one of the biggest comments and questions in my DMs right now on Instagram. Welp, it’s “partially” my real hair. Since having kids my hair has thinned out so much and after a lot of research I found Jess Hallock on IG. I absolutely loved her and took the dive into using Halo Couture Hair Extensions. I’ve never been so in love before. They are definitely an investment and would qualify as self-care for me 😉

New Favorite Binge Worthy Show

Cody and I recently watched, The Great Pottery Throw Down, on HBO Max and I may or may not be asking for a pottery wheel for my birthday this year. After living in Southern Pines, North Carolina as newlyweds – which is the heart of Pottery in NC – it was love at first sight. I loved collecting pottery and signed us up for a pottery class on our 1st anniversary. However, we forgot to go back and pick up our pottery so that bowl I threw would’ve been such a treasure.

Weekend Sales

On the LiketoKnowit.APP there’s an exclusive LTK Spring Sale April 9-11! These sales are only available through the app. You can follow along with me @kourtnileigh and see what sale picks I’ve found!

Have a great Friday friends and for all my golf lovers, enjoy Masters Weekend!

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