We’re sharing gift ideas for the home lover, homebody, and the laid-back collected type.  I love creating an inviting and collected home and also gifting things that make me enjoy “the homebody life.” We’ve rounded up some of our tried and true favorites and also some items currently on my wishlist.

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Gift Ideas for the Home lover, homebody, the laid-back collected type

  1. Wireless Remote Wall Switch and Outlet $17 – these have SO many possibilities. The electrical in our main bedroom is a little wonky because we moved the door entrance so we plugged our wall sconces into this outlet behind the bed and put the light switch on the wall when you walk in the door and by the nightstand. It’s a dream! You can also use these for your Christmas tree or anything plugged into an outlet.
  2. Flameless Ivory Taper Candles Flickering with 10-Key Remote $30 – I love taper candles but they’re not super convenient if you are constantly burning candles. They get a tad messy and are super child-friendly. These are perfect for someone who wants to create that cozy ambiance and come in so many color options.
  3. Dyson V11 Cordless Stick Vaccum, Large $445 – the Dyson is one of my party tricks when we have guests come over or stay with us. I convince everyone they need to try it and then they fall deeply in love and want one for themselves! It’s really convenient and I never realized how much I despise corded vacuums.
  4. Handwoven Rattan Basket with Leather-Wrapped Arch Handle $79 – This would make such a great gift for someone who loves to read the paper or gather flowers from their garden or even has a small homestead to collect fruit, veggies, or eggs. You can even use this as a base for a gift basket.
  5. SARO LIFESTYLE Cotton Plaid Throw, Natural $53 – we love having cozy throws dropped over the couch and living room chairs and it might just be me but I always love gifting blankets rolling like a burrito with a huge bow and stuffing some extra goodies in the ribbon. 
  6. Hand Forged Iron Candle Holder – Double Arm $57 –  as I’ve gotten older I love gifting unique things that tell a story or are handmade and something they’ll really use. This piece is beautifully hand-crafted and would make the sweetest gift.
  7. LA JOLIE MUSE Moroccan Amber Candles $30 – this candle not only smells amazing but it’s absolutely gorgeous. We love reusing candle bases after they’ve burned all the way through and use them as trinket dishes, small vases, or on the bathroom countertop.
  8. Premium Scrapbook Album $49 – I’m in my wanting to print out photos era like I used to when I was in high school and college and pin them all over the walls. Except I don’t want to put them all over my walls with tape these days. This photo album is gorgeous and looks like something you’d leave out on the coffee table to enjoy.
  9. Fabritual Block Print Cotton 20×20 Throw Pillow Covers $45 – decorative throw pillows get so expensive so gifting pillow covers is such a great way to keep your home feeling refreshed.

  10. McGee & Co. Gray Clay Vase $36 – this is THE vase that looks like it’s worth way more than it is. Cody gifted me a vase early in our marriage when we were still building our home and whenever he brings home flowers I put them in the vase and it’s like a slingshot memory back to the early years. A great gift to someone you don’t have the opportunity to see that often and want them to have a little memory of you every time they use it.
  11. Bedsure 100% Cotton Blankets Twin XL Size for Bed $39 – the blanket that gets softer and cozier the more you wash it. My aunt had a blanket like this when I was younger and it was the blanket I would race to get for movies on the couch first.
  12. Magnetic Monthly Refrigerator Calendar $16 – for the homebody who likes to keep the whole house on the same page. We have this on our fridge and have been using it for the past few months. I like the white because I can actually read it! i find the clear options so hard to read.
  13.  YoungJoy Leather Heavy Duty 19 Inch with Beechwood Handle $9 – I always say everything should be aesthetic and bring you joy. Hence the fly swatter.
  14. Bedside Colonial Taper Holder $31 – these candle stick holders are hand-crafted and are simply a beautiful touch to a mantle, tabelscape, or bookshelf. After I got married I looked forward to holiday gifting because my family always put so much time into finding unique home peices.
  15. BISSELL Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, Car and Auto Detailer $123 – if they have pets, children, or really furniture at all this is hands down the best gift idea! There’s a hype around this little green machine and it’s warranted. This guy is amazing especially for us with one potty training!
  16. Wooden Hockey Game $21 – an Instagram AD got me and this one was so mesmerizing and fun. My mom used to have games on the coffee table for hosting and this would be such a fun coffee table game for any age.
  17. 100% Natural French Flax Linen Duvet Cover King $148 – we have these bed linens and they are the quality of The Citizenry. They are so soft cozy insanely beautiful and affordable. There’s a bunch of different colors and sizes.

Shop Our Gift Idea Picks for Home

We’ll be sharing all of these and more in stories on Instagram throughout the week, so stay tuned!