Wow! How is it already the halfway point for the one room challenge?! I can not believe it! This week’s update is about “Progress is Progress,” you’ll see what I mean below.

If you want to go back and catch up on some of the previous updates on the gender neutral nursery remodel – here are the links.

Week 1 // Week 2

Progress is Progress

We just finished up Week 3 of the ORC and we are definitely not where we wanted to be. Things move at a MUCH slower pace the closer I get to the end of this pregnancy. Officially almost 37 weeks and going strong, y’all!

Everything has been cleared out of the guest bedroom and I’ve sold off almost everything we weren’t keeping on Facebook Marketplace – can you say hello, $300?! We are keeping the guest bed and frame for Liv in the future when she makes the transition into a big girl room. Disassembling the bed was easy as pie, putting it together will be a different story. Seeing how we don’t have the directions anymore!

Can we talk about how weird it is that there will be a baby in here so soon?! Also, the last time this room was empty was about 3 years ago.

We used to have a barn door in here, but it was my first attempt at a barn door and it was just a hot mess. I tried to repurpose a 1920s door, however, it was too short and not wide enough! I also hung up the barn door hardware on my own and apparently using a level wasn’t my strong suit a few years ago. The door would just slide open as soon as you closed it. I shared this funny video in my stories on Instagram friends if y’all want to see it!

One Issue After Another

I found out some not so good news when I got two emails letting me know that two items I ordered for the One Room Challenge will not be here till the 28th of October. They were supposed to be here last week and now they’re all back ordered. Just my luck, ehy? So it’ll be interesting to see if they actually show up on their new delivery time.

Time Crunch

We’re now in a time crunch to beat the clock before baby gets here and before the final week of the One Room Challenge Reveal. This week I’ll be building a new barn door design and hopefully getting around to touching up all those holes and little marks we’ve seemed to have made over the years in here. Plus, I’ll be replacing the light fixture too! I may or may not wait till Cody gets home again for that one. Depends on if I’m feeling frisky to get up on a ladder 😉

Gender Neutral Nursery Remodel – To Do List:

  • Remove everything from guest bedroom (nursery #2)
  • Take goodwill donations to goodwill
  • Remove old barn door and old curtains
  • Touch up paint and holes
  • Replace light fixture
  • Build barn door
  • Hang barn door
  • Hack ikea tarva dresser
    • Assemble dresser
    • Sand/stain dresser
    • Add addition pieces
    • Cut dresser legs
  • Assemble rocking chair
  • Hang art
  • Roll out rug
  • Hang curtains
  • Style nursery space

I have to give a huge shoutout to Modern Nursery who is sponsoring this project! I wouldn’t be able to do it without them.

Check back next week for more updates on where we’re at and don’t forget to head over to the One Room Challenge website to see all the other participants!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything product wise or even remodeling questions! I’m an open book 🙂

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Happy Sunday friends!

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