Buying holiday gifts for little kids can be daunting, especially if you’re a gift giver. Most of the time it’s things we need as parents for our kids so it can be a little tough! Our kids are in a wide range from ages 1, 4, and 6.  We’ve rounded up items we use and love including things on our wish list for the little kids.

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Gift Ideas for the Little Kids Ages 0-4

  1. COTTON DAY 7 Days of the Week Gift Box $20 – we big giving socks on holidays people. We always gift our kids a fresh pair of socks and undies in their stockings from Santa. It’s a necessity and giving them things they need instead of trinkets and tchotchkes. 
  2.  Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Sound Machine For Baby $29- a portable sound machine was something I never knew I’d need. We used to clip it to the stroller, the car seat, the baby carrier, and hotels when we’d travel…you name it! It has a rechargeable USB port that works with the other side of an Apple charger.
  3. Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons (12 Pack)  $12- edible non-toxic crayons…IYKYK. If you don’t know, young kids like to eat crayons, they put everything they can get their hands on in their mouth. Crayons are a great way to develop hand coordination for daily life skills, so even though they want to always eat them they’re great for learning. If you’re going to gift crayons, these are amazing!
  4. Inspire My Play – Silicone Building Blocks Baseplate  $25- our littles have loved Duplo legos and we’ve bought the large mats for the Lego building but they take up so much space. We love this alternative and it saves a lot of space too!
  5. Kidzone 6V Electric Ride On Bumper Car for Kids & Toddlers 1.5-5 Years Old $139- these cars are so cool! They remind me of the ones that had a pole to the ceiling and would spark when you drove them. These are so fun and I love the wide age range on these too!
  6. Tiny Twinkle Mess-proof Wet Bags 2 Pack Waterproof and Washable Bag for Travel storage $18 – wet bags, you can never have enough wet bags as a parent. I’m in my checkered era and love these ones. They’re also a small business too!
  7. ShinePick Karaoke Microphone, 4 in 1 Wireless Microphone $19 – Liv got one of these for Christmas last year, and it’s either the root cause of all the fights or the life of the party. You choose your poison parents. 

  8. Wooden Makeup Toy Set Pretend Wood Beauty Salon Toys  $42 – Liv was obsessed with my makeup bag when she was little we got her one of these and she would sit in the mirror with me and copy everything I did. It was so cute and I didn’t have to worry about her getting into my makeup.

  9. LOVEVERY | The Organic Cotton Play Tunnel $50 – this little tunnel is so fun for the kids! Ace fits in it with lots of extra room and he’s almost 2 years old. Cash can easily play in it too and he just turned 4. We love that it’s collapsable and they love to build forts so it’s perfect.

  10. Jimibaby Christmas Teether Teething Toy Gingerbread Man $7 – a holiday-themed teether for the one that’s waiting for teeth to come in.

  11. Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad & iPhone – 4 Hands-On Learning Games – Ages 3-5 $79 – we’ve had this game since Liv was 3 and it’s been such a great learning experience for her. We also have many more of the other little genius games as she got older too. We just got her a coding one for her 6th birthday!
  12. Footed One-PIece Sleep and Play Pajamas $24 – these PJs are so insanely buttery soft, that they make the newborn snuggles that much better. I had. these for Ace and they were so precious! I wish they made them for older babies too!
  13.  Baby Montessori Toys for 6-12 12-18 Months $13 – what’s crazy is my kids all 3 of them love this toy. It kind of reminds me of a fidget toy, except they are developmental and not mindless.
  14. Bubble Machine $27 – I got this for Prime Day over the summer and the kids probably go through more bubbles than they do diapers. It’s easy to refill and it’s worked great for us for the most part!
  15. Retrospec Cricket Baby Walker Balance Bike with 4 Wheels for Ages 12-24 Months $49 – Ace got this for his 1st birthday last year and he’s been riding it so much more now at almost 2 years old. It was inside for a while and now it’s an outside bike and fairs really well with the weather here too. It comes in a few different color options too!

  16. Fridge Alphabet Magnets for Toddlers  $24 – Liv had magnetic fridge alphabet letters when she was 15 months old and it was her favorite thing to play with whenever I was in the kitchen. 

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We’ll be sharing all of these gift ideas and more in stories on Instagram. Looking for more gift ideas for kids? You can check out our kid’s gift guides here.