Our kids are still pretty young, but our biggest kid is 6 years old! Holy cow, still feels unreal sometimes. I had Liv help me with this gift guide, but rest assured she thinks she’s getting all of these gifts for Christmas now.

These gift ideas are for “big kids” ages 4 – 8 years of age. Cash just turned 4 and likes a few of these items and Liv actively plays or likes these types of toys. We love interactive toys, creative things, and ways to get them outside to enjoy!

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Gift Ideas for the Big Kids Ages 4-8

  1. Animal Habitats Sticker Book  $19 – stickers are quite possibly my kid’s love language. They love using them for a multitude of things including crafts. this book doubles as an activity book too!
  2. Operation Electronic Board Game $18 – nostalgic Christmas for both you and the kids! I loved this game as a kid and it’s super interactive. Between the ages of 3-6 kids are learning to write and the hand pincer technique is used for this game which is great! 
  3. BRISA VW Collection – Volkswagen Savings Bank Piggy Bank $24 – a piggy bank is a great way to help our kids learn the value of saving money to do things they like to do. Liv loves to go to the market and buy things with her own money as a treat. This little Volkswagon piggy bank is a great size and comes in a few different colors too.
  4.  Creativity for Kids Fold and Launch Paper Airplanes $18- Cash received this for his 4th birthday and loves making airplanes. We loved this one because it came with a bunch of different pattern paper in 4 different sizes. It also comes with 2 airplane launchers which is pretty cool. It can shoo them farther than he can throw them!
  5.  House Slippers Warm Soft Plush Non-Slip Indoor Outdoor Slip-on Shoes $19 – we got these for Liv already. She saw them in the store and let out the cutest little squeal. She’s like a teen these days with her love of smiley face things and patches on everything. They come in big kid sizes and a few select little kid sizes.
  6. Butterfly Garden $36 – we got this butterfly garden for a friend’s birthday and it was the coolest thing ever! It is a real-life butterfly garden where the caterpillars transform into butterflies and your kids get to document the whole process and release them into nature. 
  7. Toy Rocket Launcher for kids $19 – Cash got this for his birthday and they both love playing with the rocket launcher outside. It comes with 6 rockets so all 3 kids will take turns launching them and chasing after them. We’ve already gotten them stuff on the roof and launched them into the neighbor’s yard. It also folds up really nicely to put away too!
  8. Stripe Pattern Baby Boys Girls Pajama Set  $20 – PJs are a must for our kids every year. We love this brand, they are so durable and soft. My kids have worn this brand since Liv was 18 months old…and she’s 6 now! There are so many color options and patterns to choose from.
  9. Wikki Stix Doodler, Fidget Toy Plus Arts & Crafts for Kids $8 – tell me you’re a millennial without telling me you’re a millennial. I remember my mom pulling these out of her purse at restaurants to keep my sister and me occupied…you know before iPads and smart phones were a thing, lol.
  10. Dot To Dot Books For Kids Ages 4-8 $7 – I have an adult activity book and Liv loves watching me complete the dot-to-dot portion. It’s a great car activity, for plane rides or even to wind down and have quiet time with the family.
  11. I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles $9 – our kids are huge fans of I SPY, so when I told them there’s a book. Let’s just say they lost their minds. Even our almost 2-year-old, Ace, loves this book. He can’t read anything but if you ask him where the animals or balls are he’s your guy.
  12. KODAK Mini Shot 3 Retro 4PASS 2-in-1 Instant Digital Camera and Photo Printer  $179 – Liv got this camera for her 5th birthday and she loves it so much. It’s a digital self-printing Polaroid camera. We got her the kit so it comes with a photo album and refills plus a leather carrying case.
  13. EzyRoller Classic Ride On – Black $109 – this looked so fun, kinda like go-carts meets scooter. This would be so fun if you had enough space or a long driveway to roll around on. These have a bunch of different colors and we have these on the kid’s wish lists this year. 
  14. Parima Travel Jewelry Case for Girls $19 – Liv loves jewelry and making bracelets so this is on her Christmas wish list for organizing her jewelry. I told you she’s like a tween with the patches! This comes in a bunch of different colors too.
  15. Regal Games – Double 6 Dominoes $14 – believe it or not, Liv, our 6-year-old would beg my mom to bring her mini dominoes every time she’d come to visit. Cash got some for his birthday and Liv snagged those so fast and played with my mom at the kitchen counter countless times before she left.
  16. Qualtry Painting, Drawing & Art Supplies with Personalized Wooden Art Case for Kids 6-8 and 9-12 $39 – our kids love arts and crafts and I used to get these for Christmas as a kid and it was one of the coolest things. My nana would buy these for all the grandkids! This one is cool because it’s a wood-carrying case instead of plastic and can be personalized with their names.

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We’ll be sharing all of these gift ideas and more in stories on Instagram. Looking for more gift ideas for kids? You can check out our older kid’s gift guides here.