We’ve rounded up some of our favorite items for her, for the cozy loving mom and sad beige-loving gal. Yes, I love neutral colors and will shout it from the rooftops because they are cozy. Send these to your spouse, partner, or other mom friends, and lets get you something you actually want for the holidays this year!

I’ve carefully selected each and every item in this gift guide to reflect the items that I have and love! 

Shop our picks for her!

Gift Ideas for Her, for the cozy loving mom, and sad beige loving gal

  1. Women’s Pajama Sets $44 – these are exactly like my short sleeve and shorts PJs I shared with you a few months ago and you flipped for them! Having them longer to keep you warm during the cooler months is perfect.
  2. BURGA Phone Case $24 – I have the BURGA case in tan and cream checkered and love how durable it is. I’m pretty aggressive with my phone and tend to drop it probably more times than I should and this has saved my phone endlessly from a majorly cracked screen…plus it’s so cute!
  3. Nécessaire The Hair Duo $56 – I’ve tried so many hair care products for my sensitive skin and scalp and this one is hand down one of my favorites. It’s scent-free and makes my hair feel silky smooth. I always get the duo set because it’s cheaper and wash my hair about 1-2 times a week and this lasts me 4-6 months!
  4. The Citizenry Mara Organic Waffle Robe $129 – I got a robe for Valentine day a few years ago and loved how cozy and soft it was, then ended up leaving it at the hospital by accident when I had Ace. This one is very similar to my old one but a little thicker which I love! The waffle robes are my favorite texture and this one almost feels temp controlled because I’m not sweating wearing it or cold when I hop out of the shower. I have a size small and it fits oversized enough that I could wear it over PJs.
  5. Clothing Steamer, Travel Size $51 – if you’re a frequent flyer or short on space like we are, THIS is THE steamer. I’ve taken this to so many work conferences and friends couldn’t stop raving about it. It’s like my party trick when I travel. It’s tiny but mighty! She heats up in 20 seconds too!
  6. PAVOI Handpicked AAA+ Quality Freshwater Cultured Pearl Earrings Leverback Dangle Stud Pearl Earrings $14 – pearls are so classic and have loved wearing them ever since I was a child. I got these and love how dainty they are and still feel elegant. I have the yellow gold with the 6mm pearl size.
  7. Australian Shearling Clog Slippers $49 – I will die on this hill…these are better than UGGS! They are literally the same thing and half the price. They are a little more snug fitting so I’m not able to wear cozy socks with my regular size, 6. If I went up a size I could totally wear cozy socks. 
  8. LA Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Storage Box $19 -this velvet jewelry box is pretty and I love the color options they have. I thought I’d only use this for travel, but I use it if I’m going to the gym or beach too.
  9. Long-Line Cardigan Coat for Women $59 – it says it’s a cardigan, but it’s a jacket and I absolutely adore this coat! It’s super lightweight. I got it for NYC at the end of September and it was perfect. It’s oversized and I typically wear an M in jackets and coats and I got a S in this one. 
  10. AUGUSTA | KHAKI NYLON + NEUTRAL STRIPE WEBBING $98- I can’t tell you enough how much I love a good crossbody bag. This one, the color is *chefs kiss*. I haven’t found one this color and quality! 
  11. Stanley IceFlow Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw $40 – I love this one so much but it. might be because I have kids. I love how easy it is to throw it in the stroller, beach bag, stroller, or car, and NO SPILLS. I love my 40oz tumbler but it’s not realistic for no spills. They always happen. Stay tuned, I’m giving away one of these next month!
  12. Boot Socks for Women  $16 – the internet is sleeping on these socks. They are so cozy and the slouchy look you get with them is so cute! There are a few different color options and they’re so affordable for the price.
  13. Classic Thick Gold Hoops $62 – currently wearing these as I type this and they’ve been my favorite since I got them in January. They haven’t tarnished and held up so well. They’re a mid-sized hoop, not too small and not too big. 
  14. CRZ YOGA High Waisted Lounge Yoga Legging Yoga Pants 25″  $32-these are currently in the mail and I can’t wait to try these out! The color looked so gorgeous online and they’re the coveted Lululem Align lookalike…we’ll see if the internet got that one right. I love this color and they’re a great alternative for the price!
  15. HOKA Rincon 3 Sneakers $125 – these guys are on my Christmas list this year. I have another style of HOKAs that are no longer available and they are way more comfortable than the Adidas everyone talks about. These guys are cheaper and the comfort is unmatched. 
  16. Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket $151 – when we lived where it was super cold a quality coat was something I could never really find. THIS ONE. It has s so many color options and it’s so incredibly warm too. We lived in Tennessee prior and I still held onto it after we moved to Florida because it’s just that good. I got an M in this one in black!


Happy holiday shopping friends! We’ll be sharing all of these and more in stories up until the holidays so you can get a real life peak at them.