When it comes to sharing DIY and design projects with y’all I am a all in type of gal. However, when it comes to family life and anything of the extreme personal nature I am a bit eased back. There are some things that can kind of go without saying and it’s just easy to figure out on your own. So here’s our big life update to answer some of the frequently asked questions and inconsistency happening around here.

If you’re new around here, hi and welcome friends! We are a military family and with that comes bouts of single parenting. I already knew that 2020 was going to be a hard year at the end of 2019. Before ANYTHING happened this year I already knew it was going to be hard for our family. Cody was deployed at the beginning of the year shortly after Cash was born and it was a lot of for a myself as a newly mother of 2 kids under 2.

We got a few short months with him and he was gone again. A deployment during COVID is quite literally the hardest thing I think I’ve ever experienced. Well, currently still experiencing it (for privacy and safety purposes I will not disclose specifics of anything, so please do not ask). Every time is different as we’re in a different season of life and this by far is the hardest for me. I’m single parenting again and it’s going to change the way we do projects.

I was hesitant to share his departure, but it wasn’t recent and he’s in some upcoming projects we weren’t able to share due to some other sponsored content deadlines. To keep the confusion to a minimum I decided to wait, but it’s felt more like suppressing emotions and not quite coming to terms with his absence. So here we are, folks.

I had a lot of time to reflect on how we share projects on here and I miss the the slow real life pace of projects. We are no longer going to be dishing out Fast Food DIY here. We will forever be a DIY and home renovation blog, but the reality is – projects don’t happen in the snap of a finger, 24 hours or even a weekend for that matter. Maybe the physical project takes that long, but the amount of thought that goes into the design beforehand and getting the content together to share takes so much longer. 

We’ll be sharing more behind the scenes, more life and it’s definitely going to be organized chaos parenting an almost three-nanger and infant solo. Please give us grace during this time however long that may be, so if you’re waiting for a response to a DM on instagram, email, feel that some of these projects are all over the place, wondering where those plans are for that project or just not see content consistently, this is why.

I don’t share this for a pat on the back or to throw out a sympathy card. I share this so you understand that this is quite literally a one woman show now. Y’all are part of my community and this is something that will effect everything you love to see around here!

I am so happy to have all of you a part of this DIY community, your support means so much more than you’ll ever know!