We’ve almost lived on an island for about a year now and we’ve found some of our favorite tried and true go-to beach essentials just in time for Memorial Day Weekend!

Go-To Beach Essentials

  1. Beach House Blanket is our favorite blanket for everyone to sit on even if the beach is a bit rocky, currently 20% off use code WAVES
  2. Baby Seat Booster High Chair is the permit thing for the babies who can’t quite get around on their own yet and might be prone to eating sand!
  3. Jolene Polarized Sunglasses my new favorite sunnies perfectly polarized for all the fun in the sun.
  4. HomeLifairy Stroller Fan Battery Fan Clip On Fan this comes everywhere with us for baby Ace
  5. Beach Umbrella is my absolute fav it has a metal end with grooves to screw the umbrella into the ground, also 20% off use code WAVES
  6. Teak Beach Chair this one has backpack straps, super light weight, and a pocket for valuables with a zipper to keep the sand and water away, also 20% off use code WAVES
  7. Cushionaire Women’s Fame recovery cloud slide the perfect beach sandals that aren’t cliché under $25!
  8. KYODAINA BAG this bag fits everything for a family of 5!
  9. Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Spray the only sunscreen we use.
  10. Willow + Sim Hooded Towel the perfect hooded towel for kids ages 2-5!
  11. Mallorca Beach Towel cozy plush beach towels that keep you warm and dry, also 20% off use code WAVES



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