Let’s chat more in-depth about these DIY Outdoor Furniture Builds! After my own experience with these and chatting with so many readers I felt like this would be a great place to answer some of those frequently asked questions, what I’d do differently, and so many more questions!

If you’re new around here be sure to check out the DIY Modern Outdoor Chairs and DIY Modern Outdoor Sofa!

back patio with modern outdoor furniture chairs, sofa and black fire pit

FAQ’s – DIY Outdoor Furniture

So let’s dive in to to this FAQ!

  1. Where are the cushions from?

    They are from IKEA! The back cushions are linked here and the seat cushions are linked here.

  2. How is the project cost calculated?

    Project cost is estimated and can vary based on many factors including but not limited to: supplies already on hand, discounts, sales, taxes, etc.

  3. Were the chairs and sofa designed around the cushion sizes?

    No, the original cushions I had in mind for the outdoor chair and sofa ended up getting discontinued. The IKEA seat cushions do not completely fill out the seat of the chair and sofa. There will be some space between the back and the sea cushion. The IKEA Cushions are actually a tad smaller than I’d like them to be, but they made the project more cost effective. You could definitely do larger seat cushions and larger back cushions if you don’t mind the back sticking up over a little.

  4. Can different cushions be used instead of the IKEA cushions?

    Yes, you can use any cushions you’d like to! That’s the beauty of DIIY. You can use whatever you want and modify the plans if they are larger than the plans.

  5. How are our chairs and sofa holding up since building them?

    The furniture was used for one spring/summer so I can’t attest to how they hold up for longer than a couple seasons use. Ours are still intact and not broken. The finish is a little weathered due to not covering them in the off season. We aren’t able to use them this year due to no longer having the patio space.

  6. Are these sturdy being made out of 1×2’s and 1×3’s?

    They are sturdy, however, I can not attest to the maximum weight capacity these pieces of furniture hold. The chairs can hold anywhere from 125-210lbs from personal use and the sofa can hold anywhere from 125-330lbs from personal use. After my husband sat down on the sofa a few times I made some modifications for better stability in the center  base and back support.

  7. Does the project cost include the cost of the cushions?

    The cost does not include the cushions.

  8. Is the project cost for one chair or two?

    The cost varies based on many factors. If you make two chairs you are able to use scraps from one chair build for the other. As stated in the shopping list, you do not need to purchase a few things if you are building 2 chairs.

  9. Did you have issues with the 1×3’s splitting?

    I had a few 1×3’s split that I ended up replacing. The ones that split were because they were not lined up correctly with another 1×3. With this project in-particular you need to use a clamp to have the 1×3’s lining up perfectly. The more uneven they are lined up the more splitting will occur.

  10. Is it comfortable to sit in at a 90-degree angle?

    Yes, it is comfortable. If you’re concerned about more comfort you can modify the plans, add plush back cushions, or add pillows.

  11. Did you find that this was actually more cost effective than purchasing outdoor furniture?

    It was more cost effective for our family when I built them rather than purchasing outdoor furniture. For the style and design I wanted it was not in the budget. However, you can buy VERY inexpensive outdoor furniture that is cheaper than this build. After researching outdoor furniture I know it will not have this style and design. Use your best judgement as to what you feel is more cost effective for your family.

  12. Why do project costs vary so much?

    Product prices can be different in different areas, taxes, discounts, or even supplies that are already on hand. I try my best to estimate product costs but at the end of the day it will be different for each individual.

  13. After some use have you found the arm height comfortable or would you make adjustments and lower it?

    After some use, my husband (who is 6′)  found that he would rather have the arm height at more of a relaxed arm position similar to a standard arm chair. I found the height comfortable for lounging (I am 5’1″), I would probably make the arm height a little lower if I were to make adjustments.

  14. Why did you not use exterior grade pocket hole screws?

    This was my first outdoor build and at the time of building these I wasn’t aware that there were exterior grade pocket hole screws. I would definitely make the adjustment to use exterior grade pocket hole screws. However, we currently have no signs of rust.

  15. How can I make modifications to the chairs and sofa following your recommended modifications if I already built them?

    You can take additional 1×3’s and glue two pieces together like a sandwich to make it into essentially a 2×3.

  16. What modifications would you make to the DIY Modern Outdoor Chairs and DIY Modern Outdoor Sofa after some use?

    Things I might do differently would be:

-Using exterior pocket hole screws instead of standard pocket hole screws to prevent rust.

-The wood I wanted to use only came in 1×3 and the 2×4’s did not have the look I wanted. To keep the look of select pine you can use the method of taking additional 1×3’s and glue two pieces together like a sandwich to make it into essentially a 2×3.

-Instead of using the 1×3 or gluing additional 1×3’s together you can use 2×4 Prime Whitewood that is Kiln-Dried. These are what I’d call “nice” 2×4’s that have sharp corners and not rounded corners. They still have knots in the wood unlike select pine that has NO knots.

-When I made these I didn’t know 2×3’s were available at our home improvement store. The use of 2×3’s instead of sandwiching 1×3’s together would give you a VERY similar look at a cheaper cost and more stability.

-With additional glued 1×3’s or using 2×4’s for the stability of the piece will likely improve.


I hope these FAQ’s on the DIY Outdoor Furniture helps you as you build these! If you want to upgrade or customize to higher end wood – that’s a great part of a DIY project!

Let me know if you have any additional questions about anything building wise or product questions! I’m an open book 🙂

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