1. Cozy Mock-Neck Sweater for Women $44


    Scooped this cozy sweater up and it’s the perfect cropped height for high waisted mom jeans and won’t make you feel like you’re going to flash the universe when you raise your hands up. 

  2. Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Kit $35

    Never looking back after this contour kit, the matte color palette is absolutely stunning.

  3. Levi’s Womens House Shoe Slippers $24

    Bought these for my mom for Christmas and they accidentally fell on my feet and I’m not taking them off. These are a keeper and for sure and the boucle style make them the ultimate cozy slipper for the holidays.

  4. Corduroy Padded Headband $17

    Headbands are the easiest way for me to look put together without having to spend a ton of time on it. Love the padded corduroy headband for a great fall staple.

  5. Travel Jewelry Case $99

    Travel jewelry cases are perfect even when not in travel! It keeps everything in place and the personalization monogram is such a nice touch for the holidays.

  6. Polarized Sunglasses $50

    Our go-to sunnies perfect for every outfit!

  7. Zip Closure Fanny Pack – Universal Thread™ $20

    When our favorite $20 crossbody comes out in a new style, this quilted style makes for a high end look on a budget! We scooped this one up for perfect holiday gift!

  8. Hoop Earrings $68

    The perfect set of gold hoops any gal would want under the tree.

  9. Women’s Leather Basketweave Gloves $32

    We loved the basketweave detail on these leather gloves. Perfect for keeping hands warm and toasty!

  10. WOMEN’S KINVARA 13 $120

    Without a doubt the most comfortable running shoes and great for the runner who doesn’t want a heavy shoe but still enough support.

  11. Made by Mary Ray Bar Necklace $78

    The most sentimental gift of keeping your favorites closest to your heart. I wear this necklace daily and have added on each kiddos name as they were born over the past 5 years.

  12. Acrylic Hair Claw Banana Clips  $7

    Our tried and true $7 claw clips that are great for medium length-long hair! The neutral tortoise pattern goes with everything.

  13. The Transport Flap Shoulder Bag $168

    If you’re not into the fanny pack trend, this leather shoulder crossbody is perfect and the straps are easy to swap out! 

  14. Waffle Robe $129

    A good cozy waffle robe is perfect for any gal! Something not too heavy that can be worn year round like this raffle robe that comes in 4 different colors.

  15. Ruby Platform Ankle Boots $278

    My early Christmas Gift to myself, these boots are even more gorgeous in person! The block heel helps with not rolling any ankles and they’re super comfy even on the first wear.

  16. The Self-Care Planner $40

    We’re serious planners and having a self-care planner is the only way we make sure it happens. This would be perfect for the one who loves to plan and take a pen to paper!

  17. Stanley Iceflow Flipstraw Tumbler | 30oz $31

    We may be the only ones who love the Stanley Flipstraw Tumblers more than the classic Stanley with the straw. They ones are so easy to sip and throw the bag when you’re on the go.

  18. Relaxation Bath Duo $21

    Loving this relaxation bath duo for some serious selfceare for her!




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