Whew, this post was a long time coming! There were lots of questions surrounding our trip to Miami for baby Ace’s delivery including what we were packing in the hospital bags and what we really needed since this wasn’t our first trip around the block.

We’ve rounded up all of our Hospital Bag Must haves for Momma and baby including the items we’re using everyday for newborn essentials.

Hospital Bag Must Have’s for Momma

Shop Hospital Bag Must Have’s for Momma

  1. My go-to skin care to make me feel at home and human after baby and here.
  2. These have been my favorites for breastfeeding mommas: ointment, nursing pads, gel soothies.
  3. My favorite Free People dupe, Comfy loungewear for the ride home.
  4. Oversized tees for the hospital (these were my fav during pregnancy and postpartum since you typically have a lot of swelling still – and this one too.
  5. A robe, while wearing a hospital gown – FYI it’s open in the back lol.
  6. These slides are my favorite – can be worn in the shower too!
  7. Dry shampoo of course and this one is my favorite.
  8. 100% the best and most comfy nursing bra I’ve ever tried – I got a size M and L. Wore the M during pregnancy and sized up for postpartum. I’d also get at least 5! You’d be surprised how much you change.
  9. Your own cozy knit socks because a one size fits all doesn’t actually fit all.
  10. This girddle was a crucial piece in my c-section postpartum recovery with all with of my babies.
  11. This weekender bag is from our holiday gift guide for her and it has been one of my favorites including the matching dopp kit
  12. Your own blanket and pillow.
  13. Extended charging cable, the hospital bed is significantly further away from the wall than an average bed, we love this 10ft cable!
  14. Slippers are a must.
  15. Most hospitals will give you that giant water bottle, if not this one is our favorite!

Hospital Bag Must Have’s for Baby

Shop Hospital Bag Must Have’s for Baby

  1. Muslin swaddle set for sleeping, nursing and going home.
  2. Pacifier clips so there’s no lost binky’s, this set of 6 is great.
  3. This pacifier has been our go to with all of our kids – natural rubber, organic.
  4. Going home outfit and while in the hospital, we had multiple sizes packed since we weren’t sure how big he’d be. Layette set, gown (great for quick diaper changes), kimono style onesies.
  5. This simple Nursing pillow and cover we’ve had since Liv.
  6. Our leather diaper bag is discontinued, but having a stylish diaper bag that both you and your spouse can freely use is great.
  7. Nursing and Carseat cover – these are great for leaving the hospital.

Everyday Newborn Baby Essentials

Shop Everyday Newborn Baby Essentials

Before we knew we were going to have another baby we downsized our belongings. We donated a lot of baby essentials to friends and charities.

A few weeks before we were scheduled to move out of state, I found out I was expecting again! So, we had only kept a few things I knew I wanted for the next baby and ended up purchasing a few new essentials.

The baby gear industry is ever changing and even after having our first baby 4 1/2 years ago. There are some essentials we absolutely swear by!

Since we’re in a smaller home we really wanted to make sure the pieces we kept and purchased were more small space friendly and able store in very compact spaces.

  1. Slim bassinet that folds flat to fit under a low profile bed.
  2. Baby lounger and washable cover, we’ve tried them all and this one tends to be our babies favorite since it’s like they’re being cradled.
  3. Nursing Pillow – this inexpensive one has been our go-to for years. We even got a water resistant cover that goes underneath a standard cover to protect from blowouts, spit up, and milk.
  4. Love how this play gym grows with baby, the only downside is the ease of putting it away. It folds up quite small, but you have to put it together and take it apart.
  5. These baby wipes are my favorite for newborn skin.
  6. This muslin swaddle set has been my favorite, just bought them in another color set.
  7. Changing pad that can be wiped clean without having to launder diaper mishaps.
  8. We’ve been longtime fans of Medela, but we tried out the Motif Luna which is a portable breastpump and it’s been amazing being able to sit anywhere to pump and not have to worry about being tied to a charging cable.
  9. These inexpensive pump bags are great and can be pumped into and fed from with a few different attachments.
  10. This bouncer has been a great space saver, but would probably be even more useful when the baby is tad more mobile and kicks/larger movements. 
  11. Sleep sacks are definietly a personal preference when it comes to the way your baby like to sleep. My kids don’t like their arms swaddled at their sides so this one has been great for the hands up sleepers. 
  12. We swear by this sound machine, we even travel with it for hotel stays! It’s bluetooth/app enabled. Our kids have one and we have one in our room. I adjust the nightlight to use during nighttime diaper changes and feedings.

Happy Thursday friends and let me know if you’ve got any product questions – this isn’t our first time around the block 😉

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