Our Laundry Room Remodel was a big project full of firsts! Including building a DIY laundry room washer and dryer cabinet. I’ve always wanted to create a built-in laundry cabinet and couldn’t believe how easy it was!

DIY Laundry Room Countertop Built-in

First things first, we did not make our countertop, but we did make the built-in cabinet portion and adhered everything to the wall. I’ll be sharing more on how to build the side unit for the countertop built-in, where we sourced our countertop, and how we supported the countertop!

I used 3/4″ birch plywood (this is cabinet grade) and sandwiched 2 pieces together with wood glue and clamps to get the chunky cabinet side. 

Just look at that chunkiness! Also, there is no such thing as too many clamps y’all. I made the side cabinet piece at 32 1/4″ W x 39 1/4″ H. We used birch plywood edge banding to cover one of the longer sides 39 1/4″ which will be showing to the front.

I used Behr Cabinet and Bath Primer and added 2 coats of top paint in the same color the cabinets already were, Snowbound by Sherwin Williams in a Satin Finish.

How to Attach Cabinet Side

We used 2 large L brackets, one near the top and and near the bottom. To attach we screwed it into the interior part of the cabinet and into the wall. 

In order to support the countertop you need a bracket to hold the weight of the countertop, just like you would any regular shelf. To brace the countertop we installed 2×4’s into the studs along the side wall and corner brackets along the back wall.

We plan to take our units with us when we move one of these days, so we needed to make sure the cabinet and countertop were not permanently fixed to the wall. The countertop is EXTREMELY heavy and the weight makes it not budge an inch! This also makes it easily accessible for maintenance and the water lines.

Since our countertop was so heavy (50-60lbs) we didn’t need any additional support for the side cabinet panel. However, if you are using a lighter countertop and feel that the side panel is still a bit wiggly you can use these Plastic pin non-slip furniture feet under the panel where it meets the floor. we’ve used these on other projects and they are so easy to instal with just a hammer straight into the bottom!

Laundry Room Countertop

We went with a beautiful countertop from Walnut Wood Works in white oak! They used Rubio Monocaot to finish the piece, It is durable and repairable in home which is perfect. It is more water resistant than waterproof and for a laundry room it’s a great option. The dimensions that went with are 58” L x 33” W x 1 1/2″ Thickness.

This project was so simple and makes such an impact in our small laundry room. Plus, it’s pretty nice not having to fish out little socks and undies from behind the units anymore!

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To “Get the Look” for this space check out the Laundry Room Sources with a full list of sources for everything!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything building wise or product questions! I’m an open book 🙂

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