The time has come…to remodel our bathroom! The layout of our home is quirky, just like the Crayola box colors the house was painted. My office is connected to an add-on bathroom that also has an outdoor shower, WHAT?! That’s another project for another time…when we have more time.

We’re doing the bathroom remodel in 2 phases, the bathroom and then the outdoor shower. We are continuing to bring in the Spanish touches throughout our home and we aren’t skimping on this bathroom remodel.


Here’s what we’re working with as far as a bathroom goes, oof. If you saw us prep for Hurricane Ian, something I didn’t share is that this bathroom flooded. We’re talking a couple inches of water and a rancid smell coming from the ground water film that covered the floor. 

It was somewhat ironic as we were supposed to start this bathroom renovation the week Hurricane Ian came through and flooded it. It’s definitely interesting timing that the bathroom flooded and needed to be ripped out only to coincidentally be scheduled to be remodeled. If that’s not the Lords work I don’t know what is!

Main Spanish Bathroom Design Plan

Our whole house is designed around our Spanish roots and ways we can make it feel like home in a cultural way and bring in the local key west vibe in our own way too. We’re adding so much more wood tones to the space with the exposed beam ceiling, dark vanity and dark bathroom cabinet as well.

  1. Roman Shades 
  2. Old Bronze Wall Sconces
  3. Framed Oval Bathroom Vanity Mirror 
  4. Bathroom Floor Tile
  5. Single Flush Round Toilet 
  6. Modern Cross 2-Handle Bathroom Faucets in Polished Brass
  7. Bathroom Vanity in Brown Oak with Quartz Stone Vanity Top


I’m so giddy knowing we will have a bathroom that will reflect the style of our home more! The rug will be vintage and the stool believe it or not is going to be a DIY Project.

Main Spanish Bathroom Remodel 3-D Rendering

My favorite part of designing any room is doing a 3-D rendering and then seeing the space come to life in real life!

The bathroom was situated similarly to our pantry as the ceiling was covered with plywood and there was a whole lot of band aide fixes. The current vanity is pretty small and there’s storage behind the vanity mirror and we’re opting for a larger vanity and a storage tower I plan on building with no medicine cabinet storage.

Since we’re pretty limited on space using a round toilet instead of an elongated one will give us more walking space coming through the bathroom entrance.


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