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While we all wish choosing a bath tub should be an easy task, most of the time it’s a pretty tough decision. When most people are choosing a tub for a bathroom remodel the options are endless and it’s hard to determine what would be the BEST tub for you space.

Low and behold, I’ve found an easy way to help you choose the best tub for you space!

Free Standing Tub

One of my favorite styles are free standing tubs. For our master bathroom remodel we opted for the Cadet Suite free standing tub. As one of the smaller free-standing tubs at 5.5 Ft this is a great option for a smaller bathroom when you still want the wow factor a master bathroom deserves. The Cadet Suite is thin and short in length, so it fits perfectly along a wall, in a corner or even in a walk-in shower for a bold design move.

Air Baths

air bath tub with shower tub combination and tiled sides with travertine

Air baths are most commonly associated with whirlpools, the only difference is the way in which it operates. Air baths have jets that shoot out air instead of water. One of my favorites are the Evolution EverClean Air bath. These are great tubs for a more spa like experience to add to your own home. These are drop in style tubs – what’s that you ask? They are fitted inside a framed enclosure in which they are dropped into. The framed enclosure is typically tiled. These tubs are great for a medium-large sized bathroom. They are long and wide and have the ability to be a just a tub or a tub shower combo.


american standard white small whirlpool tub for small spaces

Whirlpools are the essential spa away from home addition to your bathroom remodel. Whirlpools are more commonly found in homes built in the late 90s to early 2000s. It’s a preferred pick of most builders for ease of installation and the impact it makes in a master bathroom. If you love soaking tubs that give you a jacuzzi like feel these are perfect! The Cambridge Americast Whirlpool is a smaller option with an apron front that could fit great in a smaller bathroom and still give you the spa like feel in a smaller bathroom.

Alcove Tubs

alcove bathtub from american standard with styled apron front

An alcove tub is your typical drop-in or corner tub. A 3-wall alcove shower tub combination is the standard that you see in most homes because it’s designed to maximize space. If you have a small bathroom and want a shower and tub, an alcove tub is definitely the best option! The Town Square S Collection alcove tub is one of my favorite from American Standard. With it’s clean lines and framed design on the apron it gives it a very “built-in” like touch.

Walk-in Tubs

american standard walk-in bathtub

Walk-in tubs are typically for persons with limited mobility and made ADA compliant. These tubs are great for any age too! So, if you’re in the limited mobility category this is a great option for you. They have so many options from basic to luxury models with bubbles and lights. The Gelcoat Value Series Walk-in bathtub is one of my favorites for both design and amenities. The design is similar to wainscoting and you can never go wrong with dual air bath and whirlpool features. We actually stayed at an Airbnb with one and it was pretty awesome to get to try one out.


What type of tub will you be choosing for your home remodel?


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Happy remodeling friends!