We don’t go big on Valentine’s Day, but we like to give each other a gift to show we’re thinking about ya. It’s not all out for us like Christmas, so I shared a little something for anyone and everyone. We like practical gifts and also sweet little meaningful gifts for our kiddos too.

  1. Speckled Waffle Robe $129 – I’ve been on the hunt for a good robe since November and I’ve finally found it. The waffle robe keeps you warm like you’re wrapped in your favorite lounger. Cody got this for me as an early valentines gift and I find it so hard to change out of it into my regular clothes to start the day.
  2. Coordinates Print $49.95 – I love the idea of having coordinate prints hanging in a gallery wall or something you’re able to enjoy on the wall daily that’s not super cliche looking valentines day gift. There are so many special memories we’ve created around the country and getting a little reminder of that every day is perfect.
  3. The Love Fern $55 – if you know me, you know one of my favorite movie is “How to Loose a guy in 10 days,” and cue the love fern! Cody and I actually have a zz plant he got me on our first valentines day in 2015 and I still have it to this day! Funny story, a  lady at the home improvement store kept telling him how beautiful the plant was and tried stealing it out of his cart while he wasn’t looking. I call it “our love fern” and have cherished getting plants for valentines day.
  4. The Office Michael Scott Love Card $5.52 – we are diehard office fans and we always love a good card. We’re the kinda people who save valentines day cards and this one I know will give a good laugh.
  5. Tennessee Candle $34 – being in the military we move around the country A LOT, so having a little scent reminding us of home is perfect no matter where the military may take us.
  6. Milk Frother $41.99 – yep, I’ve gotten on the milk frother train and it has not disappointed! I don’t drink regular milk and only drink almond milk/coconut milk and this frother is amazing even without using whole milk. So ladies and gents, go get your froth on!
  7. Baby Board Book $40 – A baby board book that will be enjoyed for years and years to come. One of Liv’s favorite things to do is look at photos of our family and putting them into a board book ensure they’ll last.
  8. World Bucket List – Scratch Off Print $31.95 – there’s not a lot of traveling going on right now, but this is perfect for the world traveler in your life. Tt’s always nice to see where you’ve been able to scratch off from your bucket list of places to see.
  9. Evan the Elephant $62 – This is one of our favorite things we get the kids for valentines day. A beautiful heirloom style stuffy or wooden toy they can pass down to their kiddos one of these days.
  10. Spring 4×6 Photo Album $35.95 – creating the perfect photo album can be daunting and these photo albums are just as easy as they are beautiful. Just grab your favorite memories and slip them in the photo album and flip through with your loved ones.
  11. adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe $46 – before we had kids Valentine’s Day was always the day we gifted each other fresh workout gear to help us keep up with our New Years Resolution of being more active. We’re not about fad dieting but getting out there and just staying active and moving your body. I’ve had these shoes for a month or so now and they are. absolutely amazing. Light on my feet and great for running errands or a walk around the block with the kids.
  12. T.H.E. Short 7″ Linerless $68 – Cody is the epitome of the song, “Who wears short shorts,” and these are always a winner in his book for the guy in your life that likes to squat every pair of shorts and pants he tries on to make sure there’s enough room!

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