1. Minted Dashed Stripes Personalizable Apron $44- AD the perfect addition to any cooks kitchen with complimentary personalization. Use code: KOURTNIGIFTS for 20% off all holiday gifts!
  2. Cookware Set $395- gifting a cookware set to the chef savvy person this holiday season. We downsized and got rid of all of our old cookware so we’re adding this one to cart this year!
  3. Speckled Stoneware Butter Dish $24 – we’re the type that likes pretty dishes for all the things including the butter.
  4. Walnut Cutting Board $78 – a walnut cutting board is the perfect functional piece of decor to have on the counter and in arms reach for when you need to use it.
  5. Minimalist Spice Jar Labels $19 – spice up those spice jars with these labels.
  6. Le Creuset Signature 3.5-Qt. Cream Sauteuse Oven $180 – a staple in every kitchen, we got one of these when we were newlyweds and this has been a go-to for some of our favorite meals.
  7. Marble Mortar & Pestle $35 – They’re not just decorative—they’re my favorite kitchen tool. The mortar and pestle works faster than a knife to crush nuts, pound garlic into a paste, smash ginger or chiles to infuse flavor, or grind whole spices into powder.
  8. 5-Pack Silicone Utensils $49 – with non-stick pans using metal cooking utensils scratches and wears the pans longevity. These are perfect for saving your pans and easy to clean!
  9. Ninja Air Fryer $90 – you know that one good thing to come out of 2020. Air frying everything.
  10. Tzerotone Glass Jars Set $31 – the only way we organize our spices.
  11. Gold Measuring Cups $88 – everyday essentials should be beautiful too.
  12. 2pc Wood Salt and Pepper Shakers $15 – add a warm accent that looks nice on the counter too.

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