This project was a labor of love and after completing our own DIY Turf Installation we’d 100% do it again after knowing how much we saved with doing it ourself. We received quotes anywhere from $18.75 – $20 a S/F for labor to install Turf — that doesn’t even include the cost of the turf! Oof, that was a lot to digest. 

Turf Installation prices do differ where you’re located – high demand = higher prices! We’re in Key West, FL and more people have turf in these parts than they do regular grass.

Looking for the step-by-step tutorial for how to easily DIY Turf Installation?

Let’s break it down – How much did this DIY Turf Installation really cost?

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There are lots of layers to this project, but boy oh boy the DIY turf installation is not as hard as it may seem. It’s LABOR INTENSIVE, but not hard! So don’t feel intimidated if you want to tackle this project because it’s so doable friends.

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When you peal back the turf layer you can see that it’s ALL about the prep work for this project and we had a pretty good sized piece of turf, 12 x 20FT. Now for the best part – how much does it really cost too DIY Turf installation?

Total DIY Turf installation Cost: $1,883.14

The grand total was….drum roll please! Total for DIY Turf Installation was $1,883.14 bringing us to roughly $8 S/F. We were quoted anywhere from $18.75 – $20 a S/F at $4,800 total. We saved about so much money doing this project ourselves! The juice was worth the squeeze on this one, just some sweat equity and $1883.14!


Now here’s the big question…would you DIY Turf Installation or would you hire out?