Our Home Cook Gift guide is one of my favorite ones to curate. Both Cody and I choose these gifts together since he’s usually the cook in the kitchen and I’m the aesthetic one. It’s fun to have these great options that are both functional and aesthetic for the home cook.

  1. Ninja AF101 Air Fryer  $89

    Everyone hypes up the air fryer and it 100% lives up to the hype! We love our Ninja AF101 Air Fryer , the size is great to fit in a cabinet easily or small enough to fit on the counter. It’s always a life saver to pop something in the air fryer and make for dinner in 5 minutes instead of 30-45 in the oven!
  2. Black Silicone Utensils, Set of 9  $99 

    Silicone utensils are perfect for non-stick pans! This set of 9 is a great neutral Black Silicone  and doesn’t ruin your pans. A great utensil for the home cook for the holidays!

  3. Cotton Gingham Tablecloth $20 

    We love hosting parties, but it’s so hard to do so when we are always living in a renovation. We’re able to host Thanksgiving this year, so I scooped up this Cotton Gingham Tablecloth because it is just a beautiful neutral color that can be used for any holiday.

  4. 3 Inch Stainless Steel Gold Chip Clips $8  

    We have these in silver and now I wish we would have gotten them in gold! We’re all about everything being aesthetic even functional pieces like 3 Inch Stainless Steel Gold Chip Clips.

  5. Tondo Acacia 2-Piece Serving Set $12 
    Serving spoons are our go-to’s wrapped with a bow and our favorite cook book for an easy hostess or neighbor gift, Tondo Acacia 2-Piece Serving Set.
  6. 8-Piece Steel Blue Stoneware Baking Dish Set $129 

    I’ve taken a fondness to baking more during the holidays and this set just comes to mind, and it’s a great steal for the price, 8-Piece Steel Blue Stoneware Baking Dish Set.

  7. Checked Tea Towel $5 

    We love checked everything and a Checked Tea Towel is no exception. Such great quality and even better price.

  8. Kona Wood 5 Pc Salad Set $75A beautiful salad bowl serving set is a great home cook gift for salads, pasta and more. We loved this Kona Wood 5 Pc Salad Set, and you’re never going to believe where it’s from!
  9. Half Baked Harvest Every Day: Recipes for Balanced, Flexible, Feel-Good Meals $18 
    Not every cook needs a cookbook, but this one had been a favorite of ours lately, Half Baked Harvest Every Day. So many incredible mouth watering recipes that any cook would be happy in the kitchen making!
  10. Kanto Stoneware Dinnerware (Set of 24) $336 

    When I do cook, my favorite part of cooking any meal is “plating” and these Kanto Stoneware Dinnerware are incredibly beautiful with a “handmade pottery” color and look.

  11. Gold Measuring Cups & Spoons $82 
    Need I say more than Gold Measuring Cups & Spoons? I just swapped ours out for these and I couldn’t be happier when I open the kitchen drawers and see these beauties.
  12. The reBoard $35 

    My mother said these brought her back to the 80s when “Tupperware” was a hit, but The reBoard is where it’s at. You don’t even see cut lines from knives when using these! We have them in 3 different colors.

  13. Ribbed Soft Silicone Oven Mitt Set in Milkshake $17 

    We got these on Prime Day and I literally thre out every other oven mitt I owned and replaced them with these Ribbed Soft Silicone Oven Mitt Set in Milkshake. These are incredible at maintaining the heat and looking good at the same time!

  14. Square White Marble Brass Spoon & Bowl  $17 
    Cody does this thing where he leaves the coffee stir spoon on top of the coffee machine and it drives me nuts, so I scooped up this Square White Marble Brass Spoon & Bowl to have by the coffee machine. The most quant gift for the coffee lover.
  15. Orb Grinder $62 

    A beautiful take on a kitchen grinder for salt or pepper, Orb Grinder. It comes in two colors: Natural Beech and Black Stained, Natural Beech. Use code: KOURTNILEIGH20 for 20% off your order this holiday season! #sponsored

  16. Rectangle End Grain Acacia /Rubber Wood Cutting Board $61 The ever popular checkered trend has hit the kitchen with this beautiful Rectangle End Grain Acacia /Rubber Wood Cutting Board perfect for use and displaying on the countertop. This is one of those cutting boards you won’t mind leaving on the counter.

  17. 11-Piece Modern Ceramic Cookware Set $159 

    Our beloved “Lookalike” pans have hit the gift guide for one reason and one reason only – the price and quality are complete unmatched! We love our 11-Piece Modern Ceramic Cookware Set, we have the set in green. We love the black and gold set they just came out with.

  18. Cuisinart Classic 15-Piece Knife Set with Block $79 

    Every cook loves a good knife set and the Cuisinart Classic 15-Piece Knife Set with Block is the perfect fit! We love the included kitchen shears and knife sharpener in this set.

  19. OXO Thermocouple Thermometer $104Meat thermometers are always a tough one to crack. We go through so many and the OXO Thermocouple Thermometer is a great find!

  20. Limited Edition 4-Qt. Cast Iron Dutch Oven $159A good dutch oven is such a staple in the kitchen and we love the Limited Edition 4-Qt. Cast Iron Dutch Oven. As newlyweds we have a pretty large one that was fantastic but a little large for storage and this size hits the spot!


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