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Well friends, here we are in Week 2 and its full of master bathroom remodel demo days. Be sure to check out Week 1 of our master bathroom remodel plans for this space and all the “before” photos and the design we have in store! If you’re following me on instagram then you know how long this demo took us! It wasn’t all 11 minutes like this video is cracked up to be. It took us a couple months, but boy was it all worth it!

You also know that this is the first video in a Mini Series we are doing for our entire Master Bathroom Remodel! (Actual YouTube video/episode is copied/pasted in the bottom of this post, FYI!)

Master Bathroom Remodel Demo

The master bathroom remodel is off to a “good” start as we demoed all the flooring and removed the vanities, tub, toilet, window and even moved a few walls around. We received some extra help from a few friends along the way. We also made a few new friends with this remodel process!

Take a look at the “before” of our master bathroom and all the demo we did ourselves and with the help of Grade A Home Improvements . If you’re local, you’ll definitely need to check these guys out! Their team was simply amazing and were such an awesome helping hand with so many things in this project, especially after my husband deployed.

This is my first vlog episode for our Mini Series on the master bathroom remodel! So I would love your support with a like or a subscription to my channel.


Are any of y’all doing your own remodels or renovation projects? I’d love to chat with you about it in the comments below!


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