Can y’all believe it’s already that time of the year again? I can’t wait to share these DIY Boho Christmas Stockings with y’all! These were a labor of love and such a fun and creative DIY for anyone who wants that boho, vintage, heirloom style Christmas stockings this year.

This is the perfect DIY to let your creative juices fly! I’m sharing a great tutorial on how to make these DIY Boho Christmas Stockings and how to style them on your own mantle this Christmas. I’ve partnered with JOANN on this DIY Boho Christmas Stocking and styling our mantle.

How to make DIY Boho Christmas Stockings

This was such a fun project and it was so awesome to just let my creative bug go! This project can take 1 hour to a few ours depending on how “creative” you want to get with your designs. I made five DIY Boho Christmas Stockings one for the whole fam, including our pups!

Project Materials Needed:



Step 1 : Embroider the Name on the Stocking

Secure the embroidery hoop at the top of the stocking until the fabric is taut. Use a light-colored pen and spell out the name using a dotted line.

Make sure the dots are evenly spaces as you will be using this spacing to sew the name by hand. If you don’t want to put names on your stockings you could always monogram them too!


Step 2 : Choose the Fringe for the Cuff

Now you can see why we embroidered the names on the stockings first! If we were to add the fringe to the cuff before we embroidered the name, there wouldn’t have been enough room.


Step 3 : Create your design!

I wanted to create a wall hanging type of woven design for my daughter, Liv’s, stocking. If you’re stumped on your design here’s a Pinterest board full of boho goodness to help get the juices flowing!

I made small loops and used a hot glue gun and the end of a large embroidery needle to press the thread into the glue.

I made two rows of loops and left a 1” gap and started another set of loops at 4 rows. So altogether I rotated 2 rows, 4 rows, 2 rows, 4 rows and left a 1” gap between all of them.

Step 4 : Making a Woven Design (Optional)

If you’re interested in making a woven design like this one on the far right, you’ll need to set up your stocking like this below.

Create vertical lines where the stitching is only at the top and bottom.

Once you’ve done that all the way across, weave the thread “over and under” from left to right until you’ve ran out of thread or achieved a desired design.

Now it’s time to style these boho beauties on your Christmas mantle!


Styling your Boho Christmas Mantle

Our fireplace needed an update and what better time than the holidays to fix this outdated 90’s green marble fireplace! We decided to paint the green marble white to match the surround and paint the gold black to make the fireplace look bigger than it really was.


Decorating for the holidays has always been a joy for us. Christmas is one of our favorite holidays and we go all out for it! We even made Christmas stockings for our two sweet pups Stella and Lu-Lu. Now let’s get to styling those mantles!


Materials Needed :

We love real greenery in our home for Christmas, but sometimes faux greenery just makes sense money wise for a great investment for years to come. We used two different types of garland for the mantle (Blooming Holiday Pinecone/Pine needle garlandand Blooming Snow Cypress).

The base two had wire so it was easy to shape it around the mantle. The two on top were draped to give a waterfall garland look. The top garland was a plastic like material with realistic pinecones.

I’m a sucker for command strips and they were perfect for hanging the stockings on the fireplace mantle. I attached them underneath the mantle so the stockings would still be visible and not be hidden by the garland.

I loved adding some height to the mantle with these bottle brush trees. The ombre color just went so well with the DIY Boho Christmas Stockings.

We can’t forget the two “P’s” for every Christmas fireplace, pillows and presents! These tassel pillows were the perfect touch and to give a very subtle Christmas feel. I love to wrap old packing boxes as presents. JOANN had a huge assortment of wrapping paper I couldn’t choose my favorite.

pin it for later

Styling your mantle should be fun, especially with your boho inspired Christmas stockings you just made!

I hope y’all enjoyed this fun and easy DIY Boho Christmas Stockings tutorial and Boho Mantle Styling! Be sure to follow along by subscribing to my blog or follow me over on Instagram.

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