We weren’t planning on tackling the laundry room so early, but our dryer broke a month after we moved in and drying clothes outside in the Key West humidity is almost impossible. So here we are planning out our Earthy Spanish Laundry Room and I am living for the earthy color palette and calling attention to natural architectural features that have since been covered up by previous owners.

Oh did I mention our washer broke a few days ago too and Cody is leaving at the end of the week for training. We are kicking this project into high gear this week! Laying tile and fingers crossed we can get the new washing units installed.

Ya girl is ready to not have a washer and dryer sitting in her living room anymore!

The original plan was not to swap the current laundry room and pantry but to keep the same layout and just maximize storage as best as possible. Cody came up with the brilliant idea to move the pantry closer to the kitchen and turn it into a butler’s pantry and move the laundry room to the back of the house (less noise). 

He doesn’t always share his design ideas but when he does they’re pretty good. Let’s just say he’s getting a promotion! 😉

3-D Laundry Room Rendering

We decided to go with a stacking unit to save space and we found the wash tower to be smaller than your typical front loaders which is perfect for small living. We measured probably a few hundred times, but this baby fits with a few inches to spare!

We’re planning to cabinetry to the side of the units and add drawers for laundry essentials and counter space to fold, while also including a drying rack for additional drying space.

We have a large clothing line outside we’ve been using for the past 9 months that’s been working great. So if we need more drying space it’ll be outside if necessary.

When I say our laundry room is tiny, I mean it is T-I-N-Y! As in the wash-tower doors extend open and you can fit your pinky between the wall and unit door. This room took a lot of planning and removing the ceiling cover will make this room feel even larger!

We’re planning to lay and cut the tile ourselves and also install/build cabinetry and maybe even build another laundry room door while I’m at it.

Earthy Spanish Laundry Room Moodboard

I’ve never been more excited to lay some tile while also frantically checking tracking updates for all these glorious pieces! It’s always been a dream to design a Spanish home and getting to see it come to life has been exhilarating. 


Table Lamp
Wall Paint
Cabinet Door *DIY
Wall Hooks 
Floor Tile
Laundry Hamper
Cabinet Knob
Wash Tower

Shop Our Laundry Room Moodboard


Happy Thursday friends and let me know if you’ve got any questions – this isn’t our first time around the block on a laundry room remodel 😉


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