The Friday Five is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now, y’all. I love sharing about our home renovations, DIY projects and things we are absolutely loving these days. So, why not do a weekly Friday Five to share all of that!

pregnant woman taking a mirror selfie

  • This week marks 27 weeks pregnant with Baby #2! We are still going strong with not finding out the gender or deciding on a name for this one. Turns out not finding out the gender also makes anything having to do with Baby #2 a lot less stressful. As in, we have no nursery plans, baby shower, or really anything in the works currently. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I start nesting, y’all. There won’t be anything to do besides clean!

I’m also doing the glucose test next week and I’m not excited about that sugary concoction. I have yet to meet anyone who likes that drink! Who votes our spouses should have to try it too?!

Non-Maternity Clothes I’m loving:


  • I’ve started listening to podcasts more recently while building in the garage or working on home renovation projects. Listening to podcasts that help with my business has been my jam lately so, Awesome with Alison has been my go-to. I’ve already listened to about 5 episodes and have started changing my mindset in how I look at my business. I highly recommend her podcast!


dining table set up with balloon arch and cake fore toddler 2nd birthday

  • We just celebrated Liv’s 2nd Birthday and it literally wrecked me to pieces. Cody was deployed during her first birthday so getting to see him share this special day with her just made my heart explode! Cody kept asking why I went with the theme of “lemons” for her birthday. My answer: She calls everything “yellow” so I felt like it was a good fit. I’ve never heard him laugh so hard before, y’all.

The theme all started with this Minnidip Lemon Pool that is a game changer! There’s a plug at the bottom of the pool so emptying this thing isn’t like wrestling with a toddler who doesn’t want their diaper changed. It’s even big enough for all 3 1/2 of us including the bump.

I worked with Festivetti on a curated “Party in a Box” and it was such a neat idea. Everything for the party is shipped in a box and I didn’t have to go anywhere or source anything. Lily made the party planning so much easier on this momma! Be on the lookout for a giveaway happening soon friends.


  • So, I’m sure you’re all wondering about us MOVING! Well, we aren’t moving just yet. But it’s always in the cards with being a military family. There’s a possibility we could end up in Key West, FL or San Antonio, TX so while we were down there enjoying our babymoon, we looked around at all the housing options on the Naval Base and around town. What else would we be doing on a babymoon?!

I had this idea of renovated a small beach cottage, but the initial starting point for even a little card board box down there would be way too high for a full-on gut job. So, we’ll definitely be brainstorming even more while the option is still there. Would you move to Key West, FL with 2 kiddos and 2 dogs?! Are we crazy?!

  • Binge watching Netflix has been a nightly occurrence with Cody’s new work schedule. I’ve been really into Mastermind Season 2, it just came out and I’m almost done watching it already! Also, Queen of the South. Heck yes if you’re into all the drug cartel stuff. Just give me a show with murder mystery or drug cartels and I’m golden. I don’t even watch reality TV, it’s just too much for me. However, I have watched The Bachelor like 3 times. But Charlotte Smith’s IG commentary is way better than the actual show.


Happy Friday, Y’all!

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