We upcycled an old metal cabinet into a small space potting station. It’s complete with all of my favorite potting essentials and tools. It even has a foldable potting bench! I can not get over how good this project turned out. I’d like to thank my parents for the numerous camping trips to inspire this folding potting bench table. No more potting my plants in the kitchen sink or driveway leaving a hot mess express behind.

Transforming a Metal Cabinet into a Potting Station

My husband brought home this metal cabinet over a year ago to store my tools. It didn’t really feel like it was being utilized very well. I just felt there was a better way to use this metal cabinet to serve us better. I’ve been dreaming up a potting station and shared some of my favorite potting station spaces here.

I cleaned out the cabinet and decided to give it a makeover. Y’all know my love of black spray paint and how I basically have it “in stock” like no ones business. My husband is in the medical field so this cabinet was previously used to house medical supplies of all sorts. There were labels and remnants of stickers I wasn’t able to remove from the interior shelving so spray painting the cabinet felt like the best idea.

I wanted to create a space that was solely dedicated to my gardening and potting supplies. I currently have a giant pegboard in our garage that houses all of my power tools and thought it’d be a great way to display and store my gardening tools. By using some left over chalkboard paint and paint pens I traced where all the tools will go. There will never be a tool out of place!

Potting Station DIY in Action

The coolest aspect of this potting station is the foldable potting bench! Yes, you heard that right, this baby folds up into the cabinet y’all. As a child, my family would take us “glamping” in an RV and the small space method of having folding tables was perfect for this potting station.


How cool is the folding potting bench? Did you see it coming! I thought it was such a fun feature to add the potting station and works for small spaces, like our garage.

We stocked this potting station with all of the essentials including my favorite gardening gloves from Digz Gardening and great storage pieces that all fit perfectly inside the storage cabinet.

PRO TIP: use curtain rings with clips to hang your gardening gloves together on a peg board!

This Potting Station DIY was incredibly fun especially upcycling a metal cabinet we would have probably donated since it wasn’t serving us well. I hope y’all enjoyed this fun project and I can’t wait to see all of y’all transform unconventional pieces into your dream potting station DIY!

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foldable potting station from up cycled black metal cabinet

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