Last month we announced we were going to be moving this year! We also shared a surprise that we had already sold our house too, currently living in it rent free believe it or not. We weren’t ready to completely share all the details till we got the go ahead! Meaning, my husband got his official orders for his new duty station.

Now that our new destination is written in ink and we’re currently under contract on a new house (EEEEK!) We can finally tell y’all were we’re moving to. We’re still a little bit in awe and honestly it still hasn’t quite hit us yet! So many of you were hinting at overseas since we’re downsizing and selling off all of our belongings.

The military lifestyle can take you to some pretty incredible places and we’re so excited to be calling Key West, Florida our new home for the next few years. PS. WE MOVE IN 29 DAYS!

I’m still in awe that we get to call this beautiful vacation destination our new home. After finding out we could possibly move to Key West, FL when I was pregnant with Cash it seemed more scary than anything else. A vacation destination that’s not super kid friendly. I mean, it’s not the first place on your list of choices when it comes to family vacations in the sun and sand. Am I right?

However, after hearing a sermon on “God’s Blessing” immediately after finding out we were moving to Key West. I’ve always grown up hearing people say they’re always “blessed to get this raise, blessed to buy this luxurious house, blessed to have this new car.” I don’t see those as blessings. Blessings are things you didn’t know you needed or maybe it’s not exactly what you knew you needed for yourself. After the year we had with 2020 and adding 2 deployments on top of that – it was hard emotionally. The military lifestyle is hard sometimes and sometimes you become a single parent in the most unwarranted circumstances. This isn’t me complaining or asking for a petty party just a little more insight into how it feels to live in this lifestyle. I looked forward to the next year knowing things would start to taper off and be different. Which I’m sure so many others felt the same way too.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, not seen. I did not see this move coming nor did I think this was the answer to any of my prayers. 

I didn’t know I needed to slow down with my family.

I didn’t know Cody would have more normal work hours (as in being home for dinner almost every night)

I didn’t know we needed to downsize to find less stress and more experiences.

I didn’t know we needed to move to a place that would resemble Cody and I’s childhood  to give our kids a slice of our upbringing.

I didn’t know I needed any of this till we went House Hunting and I realized this is exactly what we needed as a family.  

It is a true blessing that we have the opportunity to downsize and spend more time together as a family. I know downsizing isn’t for everyone and well it’s not really an option for us, hence the military. But we are taking it as an opportunity to give us a better quality of life, less things and more us time. This is going to be a huge change for us and we already know how hard downsizing is. We’ve been downsizing since January!

Home is whenever I’m with my family and home just so happens to be Key West this time around. We’re excited for this next chapter for our family and we can’t wait to bring you all along for all the incredible things to come. Including an entire home remodel. I know, I’m already so giddy thinking about it!