Have an extra gallon of paint in the garage or some left over paint from another project? Well here’s your chance to to use it with these 16 easy DIY paint only makeovers from some of these amazing talented DIYers!

If we’re stuck at home for these next couple days or weeks and you’ve got some time on your hands to work on some home projects, paint projects are by far the easiest projects my friends!

16 Easy DIY Paint Makeovers

1. Painting Your Tile Floors and Vanity by Making Pretty Spaces

Ever thought of painting your tile floor instead of replacing it? Jennifer painted her tile floor and vanity to makeover her guest bathroom and it’s amazing what paint can really do for a space! Have a bathroom you’re looking to update? Why not paint?!

via Making Pretty Spaces

2. Painting Board and Batten by Dreaming of Homemaking

Do you have board and batten, a chair rail or something rather similar in your home? What about painting it a bold color! Sarah painted her white board and batten and it completely changed the feel of this guest bedroom.

via Dreaming of Homemaking

3. Painting a Built-In Bookcase by House on Longwood Lane

Ever thought of turning a built-in into an accent wall with some colored paint? We painted the white built-in bookcase in my office a deep green that has become such a focal point right when you walk into our home!

4. DIY Watercolor Mountain Wall Mural Mural by Crafted by The Hunts

Tired of wood accent walls? Why not turn an empty wall into a mural! This is one you could even get the kiddos involved in if you’re not too keen on perfection.

via Crafted by The Hunts

5. Chalk Painted Dresser by A Blue Nest

Have a piece of furniture at home you aren’t too thrilled about? What about a painting it with chalk paint! No need to prep the piece by sanding or anything. Chalk paint goes over practically anything.

via A Blue Nest

6. Painting a Brick Wall by House on Longwood Lane

Ever thought of painting Brick? Some people may yell at you for doing so, but sometimes it turns into something beautiful! We painted this brick wall we have in our Carolina Room Black and it completely changed the space!

7. DIY Modern Color Block Wall by Cassie Bustamante

Have a few extra colors of paint and want to try your hand a color block wall feature? Just grab your painters tape and extra paint and create this fun design all out of paint!

via Cassie Bustamante

8. Faux Marble Wall DIY by Crafted by The Hunts

Ever wanted the marble look but didn’t want to dish out the money? Grab that left over gray paint and sponge for this faux marble look!

via Crafted by The Hunts

9. DIY Painted Mirrors by Up to Date Interiors

Before you take those mirrors to Goodwill or throw them up on Facebook Marketplace, why not grab that left over paint you’ve got and give those mirrors a refresh! It’s amazing what paint can do for ANY type of paint project.


via Up to Date Interiors

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10. Painting a Target Cabinet by Within the Grove

Liz is the master of al things paint and has turned a target cabinet into a beautiful modern piece with some paint a bit of TLC.

via Within the Grove

11. Update your Front Door with Paint by A Life Unfolding

A great way to get a little fresh air in the house while you paint the front door with some left over paint. To paint one side of a door you need less than half a pint of paint!

via A Life Unfolding

12. Transform a Room with Paint by Dreaming of Homemaking

Sarah knows a thing or two about paint and she transformed her front room with two different paints. If you have a couple different colors of paint you can definitely transform an entire room!

via Dreaming of Homemaking

13. Raw Edge Paint Accent Wall by Within the Grove

Have you seen the new raw edge trend lately? Liz took a trendy green and a raw paint edge and transformed her guest bedroom into a relaxing green oasis.

14. DIY Faux Wallpaper with Paint by Pretty on Fridays

Not fully committed to wallpaper but love the idea of it? What about DIY Faux Wallpaper with some extra paint you’ve got in the garage!

via Pretty on Fridays

15. DIY Rainbow Hills Mural by Cassie Bustamante

One of the easier murals to do that will make a huge impact! One paint color and a paint brush, this could definitely be a nap time project if the wall is small enough, y’all.

via Cassie Bustamante

16. ABC Sponge Accent Wall by I Spy DIY

This isn’t a room makeover per say, but it’s a closet makeover inside a room so I’d say that counts, right? Jenni is the master of awesome paint projects and she doesn’t disappoint with this great sponge accent wall inside her daughter closet.

via I Spy DIY

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What paint projects are you going to try out with that extra paint you’ve got in the garage? I’d love to know what you’re up to!

Let me know if you have any questions below in the comments about anything paint related or even remodeling questions! I’m an open book 🙂

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