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Master Closet Plans : One Room Challenge Week 1

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Week 1 // Week 2

Get it Tight

Yep, exactly what that says y’all! For the IKEA Pax unit you have to secure it to the wall. Since we didn’t have any studs that met up with the unit’s holes we used drywall anchors and screws. We also screwed each unit into each other through a hole we weren’t going to be using. It’s also screwed into the 2×3 frame underneath and outer units into studs. I did a REALLY good dad shake to make sure this baby was NOT moving!

Filler Up

I used filler pieces in all the nooks and crannies of the IKEA Pax system. The built-in shell doesn’t fit like a glove, so to make it look like custom cabinetry you use filler pieces. I did this with my collection of scrap wood, but it can be done with MDF, 2×4’s ripped down or even plywood pieces.

To fill the gaps we didn’t use anything fancy! I went through the garage and my scrap wood pile to see any little pieces I could use to shimmy into place to make sure I’d have a lot of options. These pieces won’t be seen so they don’t have to pretty or perfect.

I used scrap pieces to fill between the outer sides of the PAX unit and them put a face frame on the entire cabinet including adding a 1×6 to the bottom where the baseboards will meet. If you don’t put any filler pieces between the units connecting to another the face frame will be a perfect 1×2 fit!


I built out the top of the closet shells with 2×4’s and scrap plywood. There’s not much space above the built-in so it will just be for show! No storage.

I used a 2×4 and laid it flat on top of the built-in and then had 2×4’s spaced out onto of the 2×4 that are VERY snug to the ceiling. I had to hit them in sideways with a hammer to fit!

My face frame I created out of 1×2’s did not completely go to the top of the IKEA Pax Cabinet since I was “wrapping” the top of the unit.

This piece of 1×8 sits right on top of my 1×2 face frame pieces and covers up the 1x2s and them my crown molding will cover the remaining space above the 1×8! We have 9′ ceilings and we got the tallest IKEA Pax units and the deeper ones too. They have units that are shorter and more shallow for different sized closet. Beyond that they are not that customized for height and depth.


Master Closet Remodel – To Do List:

  • Clear out closet
  • Fix bowing closet base
  • Secure closet built-ins with filler pieces to wall, ceiling, and neighboring built-ins (make sure it’s good and level)
  • Add additional pieces taking built-ins to the ceiling
  • Measure and order vertical paneling for walls and ceiling
  • Remove door trim and light switch covers
  • Fix and secure door frame to framed 2×4’s
  • Measure and install vertical paneling to walls
  • Remove ceiling light
  • Install paneling to ceiling
  • Assemble remaining IKEA Pax closet system pieces (drawers, shelves, poles)
  • Trim out built-in face
  • Install crown moulding
  • Install baseboards
  • Install door trim
  • Fill nail holes and built-in holes with wood-filler
  • Caulk
  • Spray entire closet (primer)
  • Touch up any holes
  • Spray entire closet (2 coats of top coat)
  • Install new lighting
  • Install electrical and light switch covers
  • Build catch all stool
  • Build hat pegs
  • Sort clothes into (Keep and Giveaway)
  • Fill closet
  • Style closet


Check back next week for more updates on where we’re at and don’t forget to head over to the One Room Challenge website to see all the other participants!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything product wise or even remodeling questions! I’m an open book 🙂

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