I made it a point this year to be more consistent with Friday Five and that became utterly impossible with well 2020. So Friday Five will be every other week throughout the rest of 2020 and we’ll start fresh 2021 with more hope! This week I’m sharing some of our favorite halloween doormats, Hispanic Heritage Month, To Trick or not to Treat, and more!

Have you started decorating for fall or halloween yet? I love @kindredvintage front porch for fall and it has me so excited to decorate our front porch now that we have painted the exterior white! I feel like I’m going to love decorating the exterior of our house even more this year!

Photo: @kindredvintage

Last year we did a fun DIY Halloween Doormat so I may or may not be bringing the “Which Please” out to play again this year y’all!

I hung a spooky twig wreath on the door and stuck a few bats in the wreath and used glue dots to add them to the door and bricks as if they were flying away from the wreath.

Favorite Fall and Halloween Doormats

After having kids I realized that Halloween is one of those holidays that’s a lot more fun with kids! One of my favorite things to do is to decorate our front porch with a fun halloween doormat. We made this ” Witch Please” one a few years ago and it’s always been a favorite of our postal carriers.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Halloween Doormats including some DIY and buy options!

  1. William Sonoma Doormat $19.50
  2. McGee&Co. Plaid Doormat $88
  3. The Neighbors Have Better Candy Halloween Doormat $43
  4. We’re Like Really into Halloween Doormat $54
  5. Happy Fall Y’all Doormat $35
  6. Hey There Pumpkin Doormat $45
  7. Come in Get Cozy Doormat $37.40
  8. Fall-elujah Doormat $40
  9. 100% That Which Doormant $37.93
  10. BOO. $44.95
  11. I Put a Spell on You $35
  12. Trick or Treat Yo Self $32
  13. Skull Doormat $62.10
  14. Witch Please (DIY Tutorial) $11
  15. Trick or Treat Doormat $11.99

Hispanic Heritage Month

Did you know that both Cody and I are Mexican? Yep! I am Mexican and Italian and Cody is Mexican and Dutch. Hispanic Heritage Month is from 9/15-10/15 and I along with a handful of other amazingly talented Latin Lady DIYers will be coming together as we close out Hispanic Heritage Month to share some amazing DIY projects entirely by Latin Women!

I haven’t met a ton of Latin Women in the DIY and Design world, so coming together and sharing these women on Sunday is going to be so fun! Do you know any Latin DIYers or Designers you feel should have a light shined on them? Be sure to share with me in the comments below! I would love to sine a light on them during our week of DIY projects with all of my fellow Latin Ladies!

To Trick or Not to Treat

That’s the question, right? Well, who knows if Halloween is cancelled or not – but Liv is super excited to be Elsa for Halloween this year! They get to ear their costumes to school. Baby Cash is going to be Olaf and I can’t wait to make these costumes! Fingers crossed I get better about not doing them the day before or day of Halloween. Any other EXTREME procrastinators out there?

I love this reusable new tote that ChrisLovesJulia just came out with! Our favorite is definitely this $1 classic pumpkin pale from Walmart.

Favorite Fall Fashion Finds

I’m not a fashionista, but I typically find a few staple pieces I add to my wardrobe every season. Thee are some of my favorite Target finds this week.

Another One Room Challenge

Woot woot! if you saw the news today we are doing another round of the One Room Challenge for Fall 2020! You can see all the details for what we have planned for our next space for the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge!

It seems as though I always decide to do a One Room Challenge when my husband deploys. Last year, believe it or not – I was pregnant the entire time fo both 2019 One Room Challenges! I’m excited to finally have my dream master closet after so much trial and error. We are going to nail it this time around!

Happy Friday Friends! enjoy your weekend.

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