The best part about keeping a secret is spilling the beans, y’all! I’m so excited to share with all of y’all that we will be participating in the One Room Challenge again this Fall hosted by Better Homes & Gardens as a guest participant to transform our sad attempt at a closet into my dream master closet!

Master Closet Plans : One Room Challenge Week 1

What is the One Room Challenge?

Last year, I participated in the Spring/Fall 2019 One Room Challenge and remodeled our laundry room and turned our guest room into a gender neutral nursery for our now meet baby boy, Cash Archer! If you aren’t familiar with the One Room Challenge it’s put on twice a year (once in the Spring and once in the Fall). There are 20 amazing bloggers/influencers/designers that are hand picked as featured designers by the Better Homes & Garden Editors and then there are also guest participants, me! I’m one of almost 200 guest participants attempting to design a room start to finish in ONLY 6 weeks!

Every participant chooses a single room and we will all be sharing weekly updates every Thursday as guest participants and on Wednesdays for featured designers! Be sure to subscribe so you can follow along every week.

Did I mention I was pregnant for both One Room Challenges last year?! I found out I was pregnant before the first one started and spent the entire first trimester doing lots of DIY things I had never done before including tiling!

Master Closet Makeover

Depending on how long you’ve been here, you know this will be the 3rd attempt at fixing this closet of mine. This October last year I bought closet organizers and they are half assembled in my sad closet. The year we moved in we ripped everything out to only order a clothing rack like you see in the department store to still use till this very day.

There is so much that needs to be done and I just laugh at the story highlight saying I would have that closet done “this weekend” and that was 52 weeks ago. Now who’s ready to see this space we’re working with?

The Phases of our Master Closet


So here’s where the before gets a little tricky. Our first attempt at the remodel was before we remodeled our master bathroom. The entrance into the closet is in the bathroom and the closet is in an “L” shape.

Master Closet Plans : One Room Challenge Week 1

We literally ripped out the closet organizers threw them up on Craigslist and painted it this gross taup-ie brown that I decided I hated after all was said and done.

We even ripped out the carpet too along with the rest of our house. A lot of these projects haven’t been documented because I didn’t start blogging till about a year after we moved into our home in July 2017.

Believe it or not, we did refinish and smooth out all of our stipple textured ceilings with this massive machine in all of the rooms except our main living areas.

This was a giant first attempt at remodeling my master closet that gave us good bones to start again a few years later.

Second Makeover Attempt

Our second attempt at remodeling my closet happened after we remodeled our master bathroom. We took some of my closet to make our bathroom more functional and moved the entrance to the closet into the master to mirror Cody’s closet on the opposite side of the master bedroom.

Sadly, my documentation of the second attempt at our closet remodel disappeared. So I’ve shared some screen grabs to give y’all a better visual.

We didn’t get very far with this closet remodel after our master bathroom remodel. Can you see that discolored white white to the left? That white space to the left is where the old entrance to the closet was. We removed about a 3×3 foot space from the bathroom entrance and squared off the closet to make it a rectangle instead of an “L.”

When the closet was all cleaned out it was about a 5×7 room, the same size as our laundry room!

This was our old master bedroom design and you can see where our new closet opening is and how it mirrors my husbands closet.

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Current Closet Situation

We have gone completely backwards with all the intentions we had with this closet. We are going to be starting over on the design and going in another direction from what I had originally had in mind!

We’re going to be keeping the IKEA Pax Closet System we purchased and just rework it a little bit.

Master Closet Plans

We are finally going to be making my master closet my dream closet, y’all!  I really wanted to capture more earthy tones for this room and including some architectural design elements from other parts of our home. Did I mention that I’m doing an IKEA Hack and building out the IKEA Pax Closet System?!

This will be a one woman show project since my husband is deployed so it’ll be interesting to see if I’m actually able to finish this project in 6 weeks! Wish me luck friends, I think I might need it.

Master Closet Makeover Inspiration

You can see all of the closet inspiration here and I’ll share some of my favorite closet spaces that helped me bring this design to life!

Photo: Justin Coit
Styling by Shira Gill Home Photography by Vivian Johnson
Photo: Jacey Duprie @jaceyduprie

Check back next week for more updates on where we’re at and don’t forget to head over to the One Room Challenge website to see all the other participants!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything product wise or even remodeling questions! I’m an open book 🙂

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Happy Wednesday friends!

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We respect your privacy.

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