Let’s just say things got real dirty this week and not in a good way. I filled EVERY SINGLE HOLE on the IKEA Pax System that was a huge debate in stories over on instagram. Why? Well the IKEA Pax System is created to be able to move and adjust shelving and add the the system as there are so many new items coming out each year. The CON to that? Well it makes the built less expensive looking/high end. No judgement at all to those that use it and adjust to your needs. This just wasn’t my vision and didn’t meet my needs for my closet.

Master Closet Plans : One Room Challenge Week 1

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Moving the Electrical Over

We moved the electrical over for the new semi-flush mount chandelier! There used to be a fluorescent doctors office style light in the closet like most commonly seen in older builds. We partnered with Crystorama to bring in some vintage earthy glam with the Sylvan Chandelier from the Libby Langdon Collection.

I’ll be honest before we put the chandelier up to mark for the electrical I was so nervous it was going to be too big. But believe it or not with the closet being 9′ tall the size was the perfect. I even had Cody hold it up there while I put a basket in the shelf to make sure I could take it out without hitting the light.

Filling the IKEA Pax Closet Holes

I used an entire tub of wood filler and tube of white wood filler. Ohhy, that’s a lot of sanding to be done! I will say that the natural wood filler vs. the white wood filler – the white was a winner. If you can, definitely try to use wood filler (plastic wood) that matches the material that you’re using. It will help when it’s time to paint.

I started sanding and immediately knew I was going to need to do another round of wood filler since the holes were a little sunken in after sanding. This is typical when you’re filling deep holes! I left a few holes unfilled for the clothing rods and the possibility of another shelf.

Paneling the Ceiling for a Faux Shiplap Look

Everything in the closet was a domino effect, I wasn’t able to move forward without doing something else first. Cody ended upon coming home from deployment early so he was able to move the electrical over for me. **The electrical box was moved over and put into a stud. I forgot to cut the hole out of the drywall, we did this step later**

I used a level and brad nailer and liquid nails to install the paneling from Woodgrain. I also used a quarter as the spacer for each piece. I had lot of quarters to the face with the ceiling part of this project.

Here’s where the “not up to code” comes into play. We didn’t leave the wires loose without an electrical box. We cut out a hole and removed the wood between the electrical box and where the light fixture will go.

Sanding the closet took days and you can 100% bet my carpal tunnel came back during this project. Holy Cow!

So much to get to this point and we are so close to the finish line! A little more sanding but it’s basically done so I’m checking that one off the list 😉

Master Closet Remodel – To Do List:

  • Clear out closet
  • Fix bowing closet base
  • Secure closet built-ins with filler pieces to wall, ceiling, and neighboring built-ins (make sure it’s good and level)
  • Add additional pieces taking built-ins to the ceiling
  • Measure and order vertical paneling for walls and ceiling
  • Remove door trim and light switch covers
  • Fix and secure door frame to framed 2×4’s
  • Measure and install vertical paneling to walls
  • Remove ceiling light
  • Install paneling to ceiling
  • Assemble remaining IKEA Pax closet system pieces (drawers, shelves, poles)
  • Trim out built-in face
  • Install crown moulding
  • Install baseboards
  • Install door trim
  • Fill nail holes and built-in holes with wood-filler
  • Caulk
  • Spray entire closet (primer)
  • Touch up any holes
  • Spray entire closet (2 coats of top coat)
  • Install new lighting
  • Install electrical and light switch covers
  • Build catch all stool
  • Build hat pegs
  • Sort clothes into (Keep and Giveaway)
  • Fill closet
  • Style closet


Check back next week for more updates on where we’re at and don’t forget to head over to the One Room Challenge website to see all the other participants!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything product wise or even remodeling questions! I’m an open book 🙂

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Happy Thursday friends!