We love the look of vertical paneling and shiplap, but really wanted something in a smaller size and thought it would be great to use trim boards to create faux vertical shiplap for the closet! My closet is already 9′ tall, so adding more vertical depth to take your eye upwards will create the illusion the closet is even bigger than it actually is.

Master Closet Plans : One Room Challenge Week 1

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How to Use Trim Boards to Create Faux Vertical Shiplap

We partnered with Woodgrain to make my vertical shiplap and millwork dreams come true! We used trim boards and beautiful crown moulding and baseboards to continue the same style from the other rooms in our home. 

We used 1×4 trim boards at 8′, our ceiling are 9′ so we had to add extra on the top. Fun fact, you can’t ship lumber over 8′ long! We would’ve used 9′ boards if they shipped at that size.

I used a brad nailer and gorilla glue to attach. If you don’t ever plan on taking these guys down, go crazy with the glue! I mean not too crazy (sorry next homeowners if you want to tear this out). I used quarters as spacers and a long level to make sure the pieces were straight. 

I used Gorilla glue over liquid nails because liquid nails wasn’t tacky enough and my boards would slip and slide everywhere. So, if you could imagine my foot holding the board while my hands are holding another part nailing everything in. Gorilla glue was a little more tacky and helped the boards stay in place after placing them where I wanted them.

There’s not technique to applying the gorilla glue, just don’t get it on your Lululemon leggings! I had a toggle light switch in the closet I had to go around and it was a perfect around 1 board.

The boards are 3/4″ thick so I’ll use an outlet spacer to push out the toggle to fit the plate cover on top.

Closet Dimensions and Product Selections

We used the same exact style baseboards and crown molding from Woodgrain we have throughout the rest of our home to make the design cohesive and look like it’s been apart of the home since it was built in ’94.

Our closet is 7″ L x 3′ W x 9′ H not including the IKEA Pax built-ins. This is the walkable space between the wall and closet system.

Vertical Faux Shiplap

All the boards are up and it still needs caulking and another round of wood filler, but mannn. This is beautiful y’all! We still have quite a few things to do including adding drawer fronts too and we’ll be diving into that next week and sharing all of the how to’s for adding drawer fronts to IKEA Pax Cabinets.

Trimwork always makes a any project for from 0-100! It’s amazing this room already looks bigger than it is, we actually cut out some square footage from this closet and you would never know!

We used wood filler and extra pieces to go above the 8′ trim boards to create the illusion that it’s one board all the way to the ceiling and not 2 separate boards.

Master Closet Remodel – To Do List:

  • Clear out closet
  • Fix bowing closet base
  • Secure closet built-ins with filler pieces to wall, ceiling, and neighboring built-ins (make sure it’s good and level)
  • Add additional pieces taking built-ins to the ceiling
  • Measure and order vertical paneling for walls and ceiling
  • Remove door trim and light switch covers
  • Fix and secure door frame to framed 2×4’s
  • Measure and install vertical paneling to walls
  • Remove ceiling light
  • Install paneling to ceiling
  • Assemble remaining IKEA Pax closet system pieces (drawers, shelves, poles)
  • Trim out built-in face
  • Install crown moulding
  • Install baseboards
  • Install door trim
  • Fill nail holes and built-in holes with wood-filler
  • Caulk
  • Spray entire closet (primer)
  • Touch up any holes
  • Spray entire closet (2 coats of top coat)
  • Install new lighting
  • Install electrical and light switch covers
  • Build catch all stool
  • Build hat pegs
  • Sort clothes into (Keep and Giveaway)
  • Fill closet
  • Style closet


Check back next week for more updates on where we’re at and don’t forget to head over to the One Room Challenge website to see all the other participants!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything product wise or even remodeling questions! I’m an open book 🙂

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Happy Thursday friends!