I’ve been in awe of rock gardens ever since my friend and plant whisperer friend, Laura, created one in her new home. We had so many left over cobble stone pavers we had been wanting to use in another project and the rock garden seemed like the perfect fit.

After exploring rock garden plants I found there were so may options, just not enough info for rock garden plants for our plant hardiness zone. Here in TN we’re zoned for plants 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a. For the rock garden we created in the front of our home we used some untraditional rock garden plants, but it turned out beautifully! Remember to group sedum that have similar growing requirements together.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite plants for a zone 5b-8a rock garden!

  1. Prima Angelina Sedum / Zone: 4-6
  2. Autumn Joy Sedum (Stonecrop) / Zone: 4-11
  3. Atlantis Sedum / Zone: 4-9
  4. Blue Creeping Sedum / Zone: 3-9
  5. Blue Spruce Silver Sedum / Zone: 3-9
  6. Garden Succulent Sedum, SunSparkler Blue Pearl Roots / Zone: 4-9
  7. Variegated Creeping Blue Sedum / Zone: 3-9
  8. Mexican Feather Grass / Zone: 6
  9. Early Spring White Creeping Phlox  / Zone: 3-9
  10. Jewel Desert Garnet Pink and Red Trailing Ice / Zone : 4-9
  11. Red Diamond Loropetalum / Zone: 7-10
  12. Azalea Autumn Angel Shrub / Zone: 7-10
  13. Oso Easy Hot Paprika Rose Shrub / Zone: 3-9
  14. Stonecrop Half Flat Sedum / Zone: 4 & 7
  15. Sweet Mint / **Not your average rock garden plant, but def makes it smell amazing!


Happy planting friends!


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