We’re in the process of starting Phase 2 for our Master Bedroom Remodel and trying to figure out Fall in 90-degree heat nonetheless in the middle of Key West, FL. Our Revival Rug came in early and I just had to lay it out even if we’re missing a bunch of items to officially kick-off Phase 2. Since we swapped out rugs in our master bedroom we decided to add a beautiful warm touch of fall to our master bedroom.  

It doesn’t take much to make it feel like fall, but lighting a fall candle, adding some autumn blooms and a warm Revival Rug makes it feel so cozy. Never-mind it’s miserable outside and I purposefully set our AC to 72 to make it feel a little more in season.

We’ve been long time lovers of Revival and used them in my master closet remodel we did last fall. 



After moving to Key West earlier this summer we decided we wanted our home to really embody a Spanish bungalow feel and really bring out some of our hispanic roots. We decided to go for a one-of-a-kind vintage rug with warm hues of pink, brown, and yellow to compliment the Spanish vibe we are going for in our beach bungalow.


We couldn’t have picked a more perfect rug from Revival to fit that Spanish style we are going for with this one-of-a-kind beauty!

I can’t wait to see how she’ll look when the new flooring gets laid and the beams are put up. Oh my goodness, Spanish glory! Can you picture it?!


I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite on-of-a-kind pieces below:

  1. Aralda Vintage Turkish Rug

  2. Annejet Vintage Turkish Rug

  3. Alle Vintage Persian Rug

  4. Alecsandru Vintage Turkish Rug

  5. Afa Vintage Persian Rug


Revival gave us a link that automatically gets you 10% off your purchase, here


For an up close look at this beauty be sure to hop over to Instagram stories to see how she is in action!