We’re finally going to paint this crayola box and start making it feel like home. With the kitchen remodel in an awkward holding phase we’re going to start phase 1 of our Spanish master bedroom makeover. Nothing like a good PIVOT! Am I right?

In phase 1 we’re going to be purely making cosmetic changes, no closing up or opening walls yet. We’re going to paint and finally stop living out of boxes and suitcases in our closet. It breaks my heart that Liv keeps saying she wants our old house and that she doesn’t like this house. I really think she wants this place to feel more like home and so do I. My anxiety got the best of me this past weekend and I got the urge to just settle in – whatever that may look like.

Spanish Master Bedroom Design

This is the end concept for our bedroom and I’m really excited to just not have baby blue walls anymore!

As you can see we bought our old bed and end tables with us on this move, we measured preemptively before the sellers accepted our offer on the house. We were just really confident, I guess! I originally fell in love with the wood toned version of our nightstands that have been discontinued for some time now. So we’re going to refinish them and bring them back to this beautiful natural state!

We’re bringing the Spanish vibes and adding in some beach accents with natural wall sconces and some retro beach prints.

Window placement has always been a challenge for me when it comes to our master bedroom. Our previous home had windows on either side right where the nightstands would go. 

We get to design around 2 large windows in our new bedroom and one of them is directly behind the bed. Oof. I love all the natural light in this house, but designing with the bed under the window isn’t my favorite. I can’t wait to show you what we have planned for this space! Bring on the design challenge!

We’re sharing more behind the scenes over on instagram stories today where we’re starting and what we already started over the weekend.