When we found out that we were going to be moving to a tropical vacation hot spot I think most everyone thought we’d go for the Key West Style. You know, pastel colors, lots of plants, Jimmy Buffet restaurant style vibes, and fans with cane on them. 

We are 100% not doing that! Not to say theres anything wrong with that, we just have a different style in mind when we think of a beach vacation destination. When Liv was an infant we did a cross country road trip to California for Christmas and we spent some time in New Mexico and loved the architecture and style of the homes. It reminded me of all the family trips we had as a kid to Puerto Vallarta. I love the southwest and Mediterranean style with terra-cotta tiles, white plaster walls, hand painted tiles. Do you see where we’re going with this new house style? We’re bringing in our hispanic roots to create a Spanish bungalow with some beachy flare. ARE YOU READY?!

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I’m so ready to dive into hand made terra-cotta tiles and trying our own hands at hand painted tile. Oh and did I forget to mention our backyard living is going to be a huge extension of the new house. 

We’ve talked so much about all the things we want to FEEL in this house. I want to feel like we went back to my childhood vacation memories of Puerto Vallarta. We want to feel relaxed like we’re on vacation but in our actual home. Home is a feeling and we want to create the best feeling here for us and our family.

We’re going to use a terra-cota tile in each bathroom that’s a different shape. We used the same hexagon tile in our wet areas in our previous just in different colors and sizes and it still felt very cohesive.

   Image via Authentic Reclamation


Image via 1st Dibs
Image via Amber Interiors
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What do y’all think of the design concept and feel of the new house? There’s so much inspiration out there for Mediterranean and Spanish design we’ve been watching HGTV House Hunters Mediterranean and seeing all the beautiful homes near the coast in Europe has been making my design wheels turn like crazy!

We’re sharing more over on instagram stories today of all the inspiration we’ve been saving over the past few months.

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