When our plumber came by to install our new wash tower it was supposed to be an exciting day! You know, not having a dryer for almost a year and our washer breaking a month ago…it was time. Turns out it’s still not time because our laundry room and pantry plans have abruptly changed.

The whole reason we wanted to swap the layout for the laundry room and pantry was flow from the kitchen. Our kitchen isn’t quite large enough to have all the items we’d really like to have available in the kitchen.

So, we decided to move the laundry room to the back of the house and the pantry right off the kitchen and create a butlers pantry.

Here’s when my dreams are immediately crushed…

Why our Laundry Room and Pantry Plans Have Changed

In case you missed our laundry room plans, you can see them here.

We designed everything in the laundry room to allow for the unit to be closer to the wall than it traditionally would be. However, the plumber pointed out we hadn’t accounted for the venting that had to be 6-8” between the wall and the unit.

With that 6-8” we could no longer open the units doors all the way. So, we played musical chairs and measured the entire space to see if we could reconfigure it someway for it to still work in that room.

It was absolutely impossible to keep it in the old pantry and I was pretty annoyed at that point. It took me months to design the laundry room and it was just a really great change to the flow of the house that worked better.

I had to make an executive decision to not move the water lines and electrical for the new laundry room and keep it in the old laundry room. That meant we wasted an entire day with our plumber. He reworked water lines only to remove all of it the next day. That was a tough pill to swallow especially when the bill came!

Essentially we’ve taken one step forward and one step back on the laundry room remodel. The tile has been purchased and our new units are installed, but Cody demoed the tile in the “new” laundry room so I could tile it before the units were installed.

Now the units are installed in the old laundry room and the tile isn’t demoed and I’m not even positive we have enough tile for that room since it’s about a 2 feet longer. Ooof.

Things we’ve learned remodeling a laundry room from scratch:

  • You can’t actually push a laundry unit all the way against the wall – even if you burrow out the wall for the vent and move the water hook up to not be behind the unit.
  • It actually matters what side the units doors open to
  • You can move appliances better with a plastic appliance slider than a dolly
  • Most laundry unit doors can be rotated to open on the opposite side…except ours.


Stay tuned for what we’ve got planned for our new laundry room situation. It may even be better than this one!

Happy Wednesday friends and let me know if you’ve got any questions – this isn’t our first time around the block on a laundry room remodel but it definitely feel like it sometimes 😉

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  1. That does suck, but at least thing they were sorted out in the end . Whenever something I planned and wished for didn’t happen, I always feel so down, but it’s definitely an effective way to remember these things as lessons.

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