With a holiday on Monday, this Friday Five feels like it snuck up on us! But hey, let’s start this off with a funny story. We’re those people who leave their trash cans out on the day they’re supposed to be picked up, call the trash place and complain, then to realize everything is pushed out due to holidays. So yes, we call and yell at trash companies on the reg around here, lol.

Paint Only Makeovers

Let’s chat Paint only makeovers, as in using paint to make a design statement or even to just update the space. Earlier this week we chatted on Instagram about not needing to do a full remodel with every space and using paint, decor, and small DIY projects to make your dream space come alive! So with that, I’m sharing a few inspiring before and after’s that will blow your mind.

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30 Weeks Pregnant

Currently living in Lululemon yoga pants and sun dresses because its still 90 something degrees on this fine month of September. Little baby #2 is the size of a cucumber and I feel like my belly can’t possibly get any bigger. Then I realize I’ve got about 9 more weeks to go! We’ve finally decided on a name if baby #2 is a girl and if they’re a boy, well we might just be leaving the hospital with a “no-name” baby.

Little baby #2 might be a kick boxer, because this kiddo keeps me up throughout the night with jabs to the ribs and sides. But hey, we’ll just call them love taps! 😉 We took family maternity photos on Sunday evening and they turned amazing. I mean, we only got to see a sneak peak but boy are we in love! You can catch a sneak peak here on Kristen’s Instagram.

Current cravings: cereal, vanilla ice-cream from Golly G’s, hot dogs from Costco

Family Maternity Shoot:

Team Fall or Halloween

September is the unofficial start of fall, y’all! Everyone’s school aged kiddos have started back and Starbucks is forcing us to enjoy Pumpkin Spice Latte’s in 90 degree weather. I’ve always been one to decorate for fall ONLY, up until last year. I decided to decorate our back porch for halloween and a little inside our home too.

How fun is this?! My DIY Halloween Door Mat was so fun and super inexpensive to make. Now to think of something funny to write on this year’s door, any thoughts? Or should I make a fall door mat?!

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Our Next Project

Since we just finished our Office Makeover, it’s on to the next project! We’re currently deciding between a secret project and my walk-in closet. My walk-in closet was meant to be my last project before baby #2 made their debut, but that’s probably going to change. Especially since we’ve got a few things up our sleeves!

Let’s chat walk-in closets, y’all. Since Cody and I have separate closets I get FREE REIN! You can peep my Closet Pinterest Board to see what we’re thinking of doing.

Liv Starting School

I think I may cry, we’re going to Liv’s open house for school next week and I can’t believe it. She hasn’t started preschool yet, but she’s starting a pre-preschool. She’s already going to part-time daycare 1-2 times a week, so we’re already kind of familiar with the routine which will be a nice transition. I’m always worried if she’ll like it and if other kids will be nice to her and vice versa. I think we all hope that our kiddos will be good humans when we give them more independence, but all we can really do is pray that they’ll take what we teach them and show them to make the right decisions. Cheers to all the momma’s taking their kiddos to school for the first time this year!


Happy Friday, y’all!