We’ve made such good progress this week in the laundry room and I can’t believe we’re already more than half way through the One Room Challenge! We were so worried we weren’t going to be able to finish since the first couple week started out with the whole family getting sick.


If you want to go back and catch up on some of the previous updates on the Landry room remodel – here are the links.

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Clearing out the Laundry Room

This week we completely cleared out the laundry room. Removed all the upper cabinets and maybe dented the washer since they fell off the wall! The cabinets were glued together and we couldn’t figure out how to take them about.

We also took the laundry units out of the laundry room. Meaning, we officially have no washer and dryer. I may or may not be considering washing some clothes in the bathtub and line drying outside, lol. The laundry units were too heavy for my husband and I to move them out of the laundry room so we used a dolly to assist us and it was the easiest thing ever!

Prepping Floors for Tile

This step is so easy anyone can prep their floors for new tile even if your floors have tile already! We had linoleum, so first things first we removed the toe kicks and baseboards. To remove those you need to loosen the caulking with a box cutter, putty knife, hammer and a crow bar.

Our linoleum had staples lining the edge around the entire room under the baseboards. To remove the linoleum I ran a box cutter down the middle and pulled up the edges removing the staples at the same time. This was a big time saver in not having to pull out every staples individually.

I used a multi-purpose oscillating power tool to remove the linoleum that was glued to the subfloor.

If you are going from linoleum to tile be sure to shorten your door frame! The backboard and tile needs to be able to fit under the door frame to sit flush with the wall. I used a the multi-purpose oscillating power tool again to remove a half inch of the door frame.

I used pliers to remove any staples that didn’t come up when the linoleum was ripped up.

Laundry Room Current State

If you say Week 3 of the One Room challenge update you saw that not much had happened, but this week. WOW! We reconfigured the cabinets to provide space for open shelving and hanging clothing to dry. The laundry units will even have a butcher block countertop made of white oak to break up all the white in the space.

Laundry Room Remodel – To Do List:

  • Remove everything from laundry room
  • Patch holes in the walls
  • Prime and Paint walls
  • Patch ceiling
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint trim
  • Remove linoleum flooring
  • Pick up floor tile and supplies
  • Level floors for tile install
  • Lay floor tile and grout
  • Install wall tile
  • Build barn door
  • Install/Hang barn door hardware
  • Install electrical
  • Install window treatment
  • Build floating shelf with bar
  • Re-install laundry unit
  • Purchase organizational pieces for cabinets
  • Purchase Laundry Decor
  • Install cabinet hardware
  • Rearrange cabinets
  • Clear out cabinets
  • Build and install peg rack
  • Install butcher block countertop

Not much happening over here for the One Room Challenge Week 3, but we are planning to kick it up a notch this week! Be sure to follow along on instagram for more behind the scenes not seen here on the blog.

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