Our home is yet to be finished and we’ve lived here a little over 2 years. We’ve accomplished a lot in the time that we’ve lived here, but there is so much of our home left that just needs a little more loving. I’m sharing the 8 Projects we’re going to do in 2019 as a way of letting y’all in on what we’ve got forecasted for the year!

1. My master walk-in closet

When we first moved in I ripped out all the wire closet shelving and never looked back..LITERALLY. I had no plan for what I was going to do in here, but when I don’t like something I tend to just rip it out and figure it out as I go. It was a good thing we waited on anything in my closet since we ended up moving the entrance during the master bathroom remodel. The closet is a little smaller now, but it was necessary for us to get the bathroom this home deserved. I have so much planned for this little closet of mine and can’t wait to share when we get this project started!

2. Laundry Room

This is another one of those half finished projects in our home and it’s partially not our fault! I know that’s hard to believe, but our trusted painter that we had become very good friends with left us mid-project with a half finished job. So now we have no electricity in there and the ceiling is half scraped along with everything else in there. We plan on removing some items and making this space more feasible as it currently stands our breakfast nook holds all of our overflow from the laundry room.

You can check out the finished laundry room remodel here!

3. Garage

Y’all saw when I sporadically cleaned the garage one day after the tornado that rolled through there with 3 projects that happened ALL at the same time: Master Bathroom Remodel, Home Depot Style Challenge, and the Carolina Room Remodel. So the plan is to make it easier for me to complete projects in there and also find a “place” for everything. I think that’s everyones goal right? Find a place for everything? Hah.

4. Backyard

Has anyone ever actually seen our backyard? Well it’s slopped to the middle of our yard and it basically floods every time it rains, snows, hails – YOU NAME IT! There are huge railroad ties lining the yard that just seem to be falling apart now. We haven’t done much to the backyard since we moved in except killed all the flower beds, crape mertels and a pretty oak tree. Our pups didn’t help either with all the holes they’ve made in the grass. My dream has always been to have a place where friends and family can come together. With both of our families on the West coast we like to entertain and our backyard is like a 0 on the entertainment scale. We don’t even have enough seating for our own family back there!

You can see Phase 1, of the backyard remodel here!

5. Office Makeover

This is so embarrassing…but I haven’t actually worked in my office since I remotely worked a 9-5 from home almost a year and a half ago! We’ve been using it to store everything I use for projects and not to mention there is a sleeper sofa in there for guests as extra space. Whyyyyy?? That makes it so much smaller and even less space to work in. The biggest part of a work space needs to be a space that sparks your creativity and joy – Marie Kondo pun intended. This space sparks chaos and disorganization. I work mainly in our dining room and living room and that’s also created a bad habits of leaving everything out and having a toddler who likes to “touch” everything doesn’t make for a good pairing!

You can check out our ridiculously colorful office makeover here!

6. Master Bedroom Refresh

Since finishing our master bathroom I wanted that feeling to flow into our master bedroom too. There are few things that we started that we have yet to finish from before we even moved into the house. Including replacing the ceiling fan and finishing the ceiling itself in there. We also have some thrifted furniture that I love but it just doesn’t fit anymore since we added my closet entrance through the bedroom now. There are spaces in our home that I don’t share because they don’t make me happy. That’s not to say that those spaces aren’t beautiful, but they just don’t bring me joy. As an interior designer I help others design a space they’ll love to live in and sometimes my own spaces are at the bottom of the list.

7. Guest Bedroom Refresh

This room has turned into our catch all for decor I’m not sure where to put them and boxes of clothes that were meant to be sold on Poshmark. Even a closet full of winter coats and old work uniforms for Cody that we’ve seemed to forgot about. It’s like a mish-mosh of stuff that has just accumulated in there that our guests have to deal with. This room has seen it’s glory days, but ever since we remodeled our bedroom and I had to stay in there for a few months it’s just gone down hill.

Our guest bedroom definitely got a refresh, but it’s not a guest bedroom anymore!

Better Days

These Days

8. Update Exterior Curb Appeal

We’ve sort of started this process by removing some trees and painting 2 doors. Yes our exterior of our home is a little all over the place. We’ve got white doors, navy doors, brown garage door, weird shutters, half wood chips, half rocks. We’ve had good intentions for our exterior curb appeal, but having the time to coincide with good weather seems to never be in our favor. I think 2019 will be our year to figure it out!


I can’t wait to get all these projects accomplished this year! There are so many things that we have dreamed up that we can’t wait to bring it all to life. What kind of projects do you have planned for this year?

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2 thoughts on “The 8 Projects We’re Going to do in 2019”

  1. Hi Kourtni! Your home is beautiful. You’ve done a fabulous job! I came over from Southern Hospitality and just love to see that you graduated from U of M! My two oldest son’s also went there and I lived I the Collierville area for 23 years. 😊

    1. Hi there!

      You are so sweet thank you! What a small world, I loved the few years I had at UofM and so happy to have stayed in the South. We’re outside of Nashville now, but when I was a cheerleader for Memphis our practice gym was in the Collierville Area!

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