In 2022 it seems as though we demoed more things than we finished project wise. So, this year we’re at a great place to finish so many of the projects that have taken up so much time and space over the past year.

We’ve got a ton of fun projects planned for 2023 and I can’t wait to take you guys along. Check them out below and tell me which one you’re most excited about! 

The 17 Projects Planned for 2023

1. Pantry Renovation

Yep, we started the pantry renovation with lots of demo because initially this was supposed to be our laundry room. We ended up having to keep the rooms how they originally were and the design has changed for the project as well!

If you missed why we had to change our plans for this you can read more about it here

2. Laundry Room

Our original laundry room that was supposed to be our pantry! Our plans changed after speaking to our plumber who laid out some logistical measurements regarding the wash tower and how far out the system needed to be.

So, its still going to be the laundry room and you can see our previous design board and 3-D rendering plans for that here!

3. Kids/Guest Bathroom

Our bathroom that’s used the most is our Kid’s bathroom that also doubles as a guest bathroom. The functionality of this bathroom is awful, we have so many plans to bring our Spanish touch into this space.

Lots of terra-cotta tiles and warm earthy tones for this space to feel like the rest of the home.

4. Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is far from being 100% complete and one of the most popular questions in my DM’s when we start a new project… “Did I miss the kitchen getting finished?” Lol.

No you didn’t miss anything, we’re not done and that’s ok. However, we have finalized the remaining things for the kitchen remodel and I can’t wait to finish the kitchen this year! We’ve already come such a long way, if you want to see the kitchen before and the design board here!

5. Living Room Beams

Our living room is a slow design process and I love how the living room has evolved over the time we’ve lived here. The finishing touch for the living room are touching up the ceiling and adding beams to continue the Spanish feel throughout the house! We added beams in my office and our main bathroom too.

6. Finish Flooring and Baseboards throughout the House

Believe it or not, we STILL have not finished the flooring throughout the house! That also includes the baseboards. There’ 1 wall that has baseboards. Our main bedroom and the hallway are still in need of flooring. We’ve got it hanging out in my office taking up space in the closet that’s awaiting to be redone in the new year too!

7. Main Bedroom Remodel Phase 2

When we first moved into the Key West house we did A LOT of Phase 1 projects. Doing projects in phases makes it more attainable and makes the space feel more like “us” without the major remodeling projects we have planned that we can’t quite knock out yet.

We’re going to be demoing the floor, removing the odd door (this used to be a rental), removing the crown and adding ceiling beams and making it feel like our Spanish getaway.

8. Main Bedroom Closet

Embarrassingly and transparently we’re sharing parts of our home that are far from Instagram Chic. We’ve demoed parts of our closet and now a majority of my clothes are either on a temporary rack, in my office closet or on the floor.

It’s been a nightmare and we’re ready to have a functional closet with loads of space! There were a few projects we never shared the full behind the scenes on and this was one of them. Creating a new entryway into our main bedroom and closing up the existing one to create the arched built-in shelving.


9. Nursery Phase 2

Ace’s nursery shares my office right now and we’re planning to add a built -in to the closet for his belongings since we are so low on space so anything that’s a space saver for a smaller home is gold for us! 

You can see what my office used to look like here and how we turned it into a shared office/nursery space here.

10. Outdoor Living Space

Right now this is our “storage” area because we haven’t fully unpacked from our move. I know, I can’t believe we still have boxes from our move almost a year and a half later. I honestly don’t know what’s in some of the boxes, but if they’ve been boxed up for that long I’m not sure if we really need it.

Since we’ve moved in we’ve added a TV out here and really want to embrace the outdoors as much as we can. So we’re envisioning an outdoor living space perfect for cozying up on the couch watching a movie or just being able to watch the rain.

11. Dipping Pool

Yep, we’ve added a pool to the list and it’s not a regular pool – it’s a dipping pool! These are super popular in the keys and we thought it would be the perfect addition to our backyard to spend all our time outside and not cost and arm and a leg. We’re not positive on where we’re going to put it yet, but we’re thinking right here with this view of the backyard.

12. Outdoor Breakfast Nook

We have a carport that we don’t use as a carport and have no dining area in the kitchen. We’ve got plans to get rid of this door and remove this window that goes directly into the kitchen.

We thought it would be perfect to create an outdoor breakfast nook right off the kitchen since we have beautiful outdoor weather 365 days a year.

13. Outdoor Potting Bench/Project Clean Up Area

We have this great space on the side of the house that has a ton of random things that we’d love to utilize the space better. I want to create a project clean up/potting bench area. We don’t have a garage and we really don’t have a space where I can clean up items.

14. Backyard Drainage and Landscaping

We’ve since removed the back left part of the shaded structure due to poor structural integrity. We have drainage issues with the back left corner and are planning to remove all the concrete in the corner and add a drainage system and more landscaping!

15. Outdoor Shower

Yes, we have an outdoor shower and it’s attached to our newly remodeled main bathroom! The door I replaced last year and painted black is the door that leads out to the outdoor shower.

I have so many ideas for this space! We’re going to keep it an outdoor shower, but make it even more usable, private and make you feel you’re in an oasis.

16. Hallway Linen Closet

Were you here when I transferred our linen closet in our Main bathroom to open shelving? Well, seeing as we live in a substantially smaller home we’ve decided to enhance any and all storage space we have here.

I mean how is 3 shelves in a linen closet enough when this is the ONLY extra storage space we have in the entire house. So that means removing the doors and creating a custom built-in that will use as much storage as possible!

17. Painting the Exterior of the House

We have already painted part of the back of the house, but this year – we’re going all in and painting the entire thing! That includes our carport and backyard covered porch.

We loved the color of our last house in Tennessee so we brought the extra paint with us to Key West in anticipation to paint the house the same color. You can see what we painted our last house here!

We’ve got some lofty goals for 2023, but we are so excited and geared up for all these projects. With our wedding anniversary being January 3rd, one of my favorite conversations we have are the plans we have for the year and what we’d like to accomplish.

It’s one of my favorite conversations we get to sit down and have because we talk about years down the road and how we want to get there and what we’d like to do to attain those goals TOGETHER.