Raise your hand if you love house plants! Now, keep it up there if you’ve got a black thumb and you’re a serial plant killer like me. It’s hard to keep house plants alive when you shop for them based on looks. Or you just weren’t blessed with that green thumb like my Nana. But, hey! No judgement here.

House plants carry so much more value than just aesthetics. They are great for your health too! That’s the only excuse I give my husband to keep buying ALL the plants. I’m sharing my Top 5 House Plants that I haven’t managed to kill for people just like me!

Top 5 Plants for Cereal Plant Killer

Top 5 Plants for Cereal Plant Killer
Top 5 Plants for Cereal Plant Killer

These guys only have to be watered every 2 weeks or when the soil is dry. These have been so great in our house especially since we’ve been traveling a lot lately. It’s nice not having to worry about coming home to dead plants! That’s definitely happened a time or two and it just solidifies my husbands onion of me being a serial plant killer. 

Top 5 Plants for Cereal Plant Killer

Woo, this plant has been through the ringer. This was my very first house plant in our rental in North Carolina. I had no idea what I was doing, I even potted it incorrectly causing us to have fruit flies. Needless to say, my husband decided he was not a fan of my house plants or my serial plant killer tendencies. I like to refer to this plant as our “love fern” (name that movie!?), because it’s been with us since we got married well over 3.5 years ago. Funny story, this older lady at Lowes tried to steal it out of our cart when we were shopping for plants because the more mature ones are very “sought after” according to her. That’s a perfect explanation to try to steal something from a stranger.

Top 5 Plants for Cereal Plant Killer

This is one of the easiest house plants as it thrives in almost all environments pertaining to light conditions, just not direct light. These are great for hanging on a ledge or from the ceiling. These plants are poisonous though rarely fatal to cats, dogs, and children. I know it sounds crazy to have this plant in my house when I have both a child and dogs. However, as long as it’s out of reach for all of them it is safe in our house.

Top 5 Plants for Cereal Plant Killer

Top 5 Plants for Cereal Plant Killer

These are some of my favorites, even though I just killed one last month. It was only because I moved it onto a bookshelf in my office to get better sunlight. You know that saying, “out of sight out of mind”? Well that’s exactly what happened. He got lots of sunlight, just not enough water! These are so great with natural sunlight on a window seal or even hanging from the ceiling. I usually have my plants that need lots of sunlight hanging in the sunroom.

Top 5 Plants for Cereal Plant Killer

I had to prepare myself to purchase a real fiddle-leaf fig by purchasing 3 faux fiddle-leaf figs. I know, that sounds absolutely ridiculous. It’s a huge commitment especially for the pricey ones. I’ve been wanting to purchase one, but I wanted to prove to my husband I don’t kill EVERY house plant we have. These guys are usually more on the pricier side, hence the last plant on the list. The only reason people find these so hard to keep alive is that they need a lot of sunlight and a warm climate – no drafty room or windows and no low lit rooms. I got one of these babies from Lowes for $27! Y’all know a few weeks back I was on the hunt for a real one and I finally stumbled upon one in Lowes Nursery section when I was getting some plants for our front porch. This guy is making his home in our dinning room where we get 6+ hours of direct sunlight since it’s in front of the house. We like to keep our house pretty warm year round, so fingers crossed this guy stays alive long enough for me to say “I told you so” to my husband.

Top 5 House Plants for Serial Plant Killer


If you can’t find your favorite plants at your local hardware store or nursery, Amazon now offers delivery of real house plants! I know, what doesn’t Amazon do these days? I’d love to see your favorite house plants! Be sure to tag me or use #HOLLinteriors to share.


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    1. Hi Sage,

      It was a DIY I built a while ago! I modified some plans from Anna White’s Bench Tutorial. Hope that helps!

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